Tuesday, August 17, 2004


listening to rtadio right now. long time no see. but what the hell, been busy doing nothing. looking for some caesar cheats.
operator decided not to participate thats good news, we have cable when no one else does.
noce song
cloud number nine
yeah, visited the philo teacher, told me not to read prabupada's translation of the gita. shit man, thats so bad...
some seventeen year old.

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

about today

finally an about today title thingy.
some nonsese happenned today. played around with a load of people. b's bag got stonlen and kept near j, someone with whom we are all teasing him with. he struggled a lot. load of shit happenned. the english teacher c didn'tshow up, so we sat and played bluff instead. s showed up to teach some shit maths. i donno maths, and am going to flunk in them even at the boards. donno what i will say to my parents. then theres this shit that i dont understand, and like alst year i have been so totally lazy. lazyness is the culture of the teens today. hell man, my life really sucks. evened out everything with a, but i still think i a hates me.

not using names because i don't want to reveal them even if there is a slight possibility that they are reading this shit. i usually dont write in personal girly-diary thingies but hey what the hell. this is the shit i will probably get senti over a few millenium into the future. i got a nice story to write now, man evolving, and all the useless shit that is stored in his brain that he doesen't use anyway is info about all his past lives. hey good story. am going to write a few stories now.
cya tommrow

The answer to life

Wrote this poem inspired by my own story but i thought that the story was incomplete in conveying what i had to say, so i had to write the poem. and here it is, in two parts. gave this poem for the notice board in my coll today. teachers c and m brightened up as soon as i entered the room and someone called u who is the philosophy teacher in degree coll wants to meet me. more on that later, gotta go now as momma wants to go to the dentist.

The answer to life
Ok, at least the correct question

Part I: against entropy

And just before the universe was born
A very sacred law lay destroyed
Something disturbed nothingness into infinity
Something forced existence into a void

And this is the untamed energy called god
A rowdy entity from an unknown infinite
Is god the bringer of light in the darkness?
Or the bringer of darkness in the light?

For the rate of degradation of the universe
Is this thing that the scientist call entropy
Because as a rule everything in the system
Tends to return to equal and neutral energy

And every excited system gains equilibrium
And nothing internal can disturb it again
Some external unbalanced force must act
And that’s why our life is so hard to explain

The question of life is one of basic existence
Because nothingness was a neutral sea
And someone from outside churned out a storm
What a wonderful realm this outside would be

Where everything can be spontaneously dynamic
Where there are no limiting laws like entropy
In simpler terms, the perpetual motion machine
Instead of an eternal dream is an everyday reality

And so the search for the perpetual motion machine
The search for a realm that our sciences defy
Is in effect the search for the meaning of life
A search for the answer to the eternal ‘why?’

Part II: the troubled mind

The teacher dared to ask a question
A question that had only troubled all
But he even dared to seek an answer
But he only found his own downfall

He ran away from his comfortable home
He left his work, his wife, and his kids behind
Searching for the answer with his body and soul
And getting nothing of what he expected to find

He roamed the streets as a begging sage
Weighing the possibilities in his own mind
And not a thousand thoughts gave a solution
And life as always remained undefined

Life isn’t easy for a begging sanysi
And sometimes he didn’t get enough food
But his mind feasted on a thousand thoughts
And his body’s hunger was thus subdued

And the wind chilled his aged body
And the harsh sun tried to torture him
Like the gods were trying to keep it secret
And he grew haggard, and weak, and thin

And on his last beautiful monsoon
His body was chilled by the biting rain
He let it fall; after all, it fell only on his body
But the deadly fever even reached his brain

But deeper still he dwelt on his thoughts
And the truth suddenly burst into his head
And he died just as he was enlightened
But it was only his body that was dead

-Aditya MJ

Monday, August 09, 2004

Bush backs alien evidence

Bush backs alien evidence

George W Bush says there is mounting evidence to suggest there is alien life on other planets.

The US President used his budget document to declare that there may be "space aliens" to be discovered.

A passage entitled, "Where are the Real Space Aliens?", states that important scientific research over the last 10 years indicates that proof of "habitable worlds" in outer space is becoming more of a reality.

Evidence for the current or previous existence of large bodies of water, an essential element for life, has already been found on Mars and on Jupiter's moons.

Astronomers are also discovering planets outside of our solar system, including around 90 stars with at least one planet orbiting them.

The document says: "Perhaps the notion that 'there's something out there' is closer to reality than we have imagined."

Aliens may be out there: Bush
From correspondents in Washington

PROOF that life exists outside the boundaries of Earth continues to elude scientists, but President Bush's budget suggests that "space aliens" may be out there.

And it could just be a matter of time before they are discovered.

In a brief passage titled "Where Are the Real Space Aliens?" Bush's budget document released overnight says several important scientific discoveries in the past decade indicate that "habitable worlds" in outer space may be much more prevalent than once thought.

The finds include evidence of currently or previously existing large bodies of water - a key ingredient of life as we know it - on Mars and on Jupiter's moons.

Astronomers also are finding planets outside the solar system, including about 90 stars with at least one planet orbiting them.

Aliens are coming!
Aliens are coming! -says BBC

18 February, 2003
Fintan Dunne, Editor
PAGE URL http://www.Gulufuture.com/wag/bbc_aliens.htm

The BBC has a reputation for being just a little stuffy and rather English about it's news coverage. Which makes it all the more surprising when it begins to colonize territory normally the domain of the lunatic fringe. By running a story about the real symptoms exhibited by alien abductees!

But perhaps not surprising. After all, the BBC is in good company: in the last few weeks, media organizations around the world are expressing a new interest in 'Aliens.' It's all part of a psychological gambit designed to makes us feel as if all in this earthly boat together --confronting a possible external threat. Nothing like an external worry to foster cohesion. Such cohesion acting as precursor to the final push for a New World Order.

Back in 1999, US billionaire Laurance Rockefeller decided to fund the UK's biggest survey of crop circles. They don't come any more NWO than the Rockefeller family.

On Tuesday, 14th August 2001, a workman atop the Chilbolton Weather Radio in Hampshire, UK, noticed an unusual feature some distance down the adjacent field. He thought nothing of it. He was unable -at his low elevation to discern it was a face carved in the fully-grown crop.

The following Monday morning, Chilbolton staff arriviving to start a new working week noticed a second crop glyph of hundreds of square feet in dimension --this time within yards of the field boundary. It seemed to be a reply to a radio message beamed at deep space in 1974 --from another radio telescope in Puerto Rico.

In the media frenzy that followed, SETI denounced the glyphs as a hoax reply that was vastly premature by millenia. Our message should have taken tens of thousands of years to arrive, said SETI. Therefore we could hardly expect a valid reply in only 27 years. Internet message boards were soon buzzing. Art Bell's internet-broadcast talk show had wall-to-wall coverage of Chilbolton almost every night. Only later did it emerge that the ET "answer" contained errors present in the original transmission. Failing to correct our errors was hardly the work of an advanced intelligence.

The crop circle gambit is now some years old, enabled both by straight hoaxing and the NWO's Star Wars space platforms. Simply feed the waveform for the desired crop circle into scalar transmitters. This generates an interference pattern at the ground level --where the space vacum energy is liberated as microwaves type energy. Constrained by the interference pattern, the microwaves swirl around the crop in the desired shape. Switch off the beam. Instant crop circle.

Coincidentally, it was only two days after the 9/11 attacks, on September 11, 2001 that crop circle researcher Colin Andrews summed up the 2001 crop glyph season on the Art Bell show:

"There's never been a better one, this is by far the pinnacle of the last 20 years, these new designs are awe inspiring, it feels so special... it troubles you and yet it excites you,
one feels a spiritual content to it."

Provinging a space-oriented pseudo-spiritual alternative to the religions they hope to displace, is a key component of the New World Order agenda. That explains the high investment in this area and the concurrent assault on religion through the paedophile cleric scandals and the religious war theme of the Clash of Civilizations. Soon we will be encouraged to dump "divisive" religious commitments altogether.

Then a new legitimacy for 'aliens' was kickstarted last year with the arrival of The Disclosure Project --whose well organized press launch took place at the Washington Press Club, no less! Most of the speakers were military men demanding the US government come clean and admit that UFO's are a hard, yet hushed-up reality. The pitch was lapped up by every alien conspitatorialist website on the Internet.

By year end, Steven Spielberg's "Taken" mini-series had lent credibility to the abductee phenomenon. Given his previous involvement in the E.T. and Close Encounters films, possibly no other single individual has done as much to advance the 'Aliens' agenda.

And of course the world will never forget the CIA-inspired wall to wall coverage in January 2003, of the Clonaid group and their alien-inspired leader Rael.

Recently, just two days after the Columbia disaster, eminent thinker and US president G.W. Bush declared in a brief Budget passage titled "Where Are the Real Space Aliens?" that there is mounting evidence to suggest alien life on other planets --and bumped up the budget allocation to search for them.

Yesterday, February 17th, the alien theme got mainstream legs as the UK's respectable BBC, along with ABC Australia and US news group MSNBC all told us that alien abductees have real symptoms.

That's coordinated tri-continental coverage for... well, wackos! The preperation for aliens in the mainstream has been methodical and relentless. Now, having dipped their toes in the aliens issue, expect more of the same from the controled media.

Harkening back to that early February, 2003 Bush budget document. One extract says: "Perhaps the notion that 'there's something out there' is closer to reality than we have imagined."

That's right. There is indeed something out there. But don't rush into the street yelling "The Aliens are coming, the Aliens are coming." It's not the 'Aliens' coming. It's the New World Order. Personally, I'd take the 'Aliens' in preference, any day. I think we could trust them more.

savage energy

thats the title of a new poem im writng
im online and ive not even signed up
poor web friends. they are so trustful of me. i dont want to harm them. but i havent been there for a while. become so friendly and all.
but im betraying my parents too. am not studying. am wasting too much of their money by doing useless things on the net. atleast i stopped porn. they just want me to score marks. they are having a tough time. they cannot handle their new jobs and house. the cost is mounting to keep me living a very comfortable life, and im am blowing cash on useless cds and casettes. and wasting energy
and crying. crying like hell. its not that i am happy.
this is killing me inside.
but i need to do it.
Normally, i don't share such sorry thoughts, but hey, thats what blogs are for. maytbe i'll just resolve and improve or stay lazy. the key to happiness is to be happy. its as simple as that.
if only society wasn't everready to stab you in the back.
ah well.
alcohol cures.
but i have none now, and i have also stopped drinking. i drank only thrice. now i've totally given it up. i don't like it. i am NOT addicted. that was over a year ago. now im normal. but i shouldn't stray
ah well.

have a heart
thats it.


writing posts with random names instead of the usual boring about today. Did not study at all, went to college and did a few foolish things, including writing bio sucks on the bio lab blackboard. am embarrassed about it. Shit.
Drew the drawings of bio pracs for a friend. teased a few people on the way back home. vishwajeet is very irritated.
Will update more articles and peoems, mostly the newer ones. dont want anyone stealing ideas though, they are sacred. Shit
My life sucks. Shit
Actually the title should have been shit...

Ok thats it, READ THIS FIRST

If you are thinking of reading anything that i've written, i've just backed up my really old files. the later ones are actually stupid ones that i had written a year ago. The new ones are nice and are actually the ones published at the beggining.
What the hell

Dos Games

Dos Games
Computer gaming goes where no other form of entertainment has ever gone before, mostly because it is interactive and you get to be the hero. You get to do things you can never do in real life and that's the fun part. However, games today are pretty costly and take up a lot of system resources. For someone who uses his computer mostly for work, it is impractical to have around six MB of space for a game that will get pretty boring after some time. And then the high requirements of the games force you to constantly upgrade your system if you want to play them. Classic, old fashioned, dos games come to the rescue. They provide the same intriguing gameplay, and essentially pick the same chords as any other game available in the market. Around fifteen games will fit within a megabyte, and best of all its available on the net for free! Even the serious gamer would enjoy the old fashioned charm. However, if you do not know exactly where to find free dos games, you'll end up wasting a lot of net time going around in meaningless circles and reaching dead ends.
This site has almost all the games that were created from the dawn of computer games (around 1984!) till the Prince of Persia 2 demo. It has a convenient navigation, with the games divided into 3d shooting, action, adventure, ball and paddle, sidescrolling, miscellaneous, puzzle, educational/kids, RPG, sim, strategy, space shooting and Tetris. The picks of the lot are doom (everyone will remember this), keen (addictive), hocus pocus (really funny) and skyroads (the best). If you are looking for anything specific, you can search or look in the all games index. There is also a page of newest additions which is a very convenient feature if you have downloaded half the site already. Then there are a lost of small games <50 k, and the game makers have excelled themselves here. The Mario brothers is one of the games here, taking only 47 k of your system, but providing hours of overwhelming gameplay. Classics here make you go totally nostalgic, pong, digger, pcman, and the best, volfied. Check out alleycat (1984) also, a little known but a total timepass game. Some of these games will run very very fast on your PC, so you'll need to download a free software called mo'slo from the utilities section, to enable some games to run. Be sure to stop it after playing or your system will continue to go slow and eventually crash.
Second choice to dosgames.com, because the games are sorted in alphabetical order, and each page takes a long time to load… Yet a practical site, it has many dos games that dosgames.com does not have. These games include the lion king (I still remember using the dwarf cheat code) Aladdin (as stunning as ever), Abuse, Biomenace and Prince! If you go to this site, it is a must to download the duke nukem series, hexen, dave (yessss!) and the commander keen series. However, you must know the name of the game here unless you want to waste a lot of time wading through pages of needless games. If you are in a mood to experiment, this is where to do it. I tried our catacomb abyss, and was not disappointed. There exists an equally remarkable doom modification here called rouge spear.
Other resources
I wanted a game called comix zone, and could not find it in the two sites above. I went to google search and after some time, found it. However, this is one of the few rare games that are neither in dosgames.com nor dosgamesarchive.com. Usually, if you know a game that is not available in either of the two sites, then the games are not shareware, or not yet freeware or abbandonware (public domain). It’s a good idea to ask friend to e-mail you the old games that still hang around in little visited corners of their systems. I did that with a game called earthworm Jim. If all else fails, google is the best place…

At the end of the day, dos games are still thriving and still have as much charm as they had when they were first released. The best way to spend some time when it rains relentlessly outside…
-Aditya MJ

published in JAM, got two hundred friggin bucks for this shit, i can continue to send in such stuff for some real easy cash

Cricket: The death knell for other games

Cricket: The death knell for other games

Claiming English to be the death knell for other languages is almost as atrocious. While agreeing that other games are tending to be sidelined, cricket definitely isn’t the cause. Cricket has many merits, and the chief ones being its ability to be played anywhere and its relatively low cost. Because of this and a plethora of other virtues, cricket is the most popular game in the country. And therefore, it is not cricket, the game itself, but the public at large that is to be blamed for the ruination of other games. As a personal experience, in my school, whenever I have played any game in PT class, it has been either cricket or football. Never have I been exposed to atiya patiya, gilli danda or kabaddi. And frankly speaking, even if they did, I wouldn’t have been interested. Yet, I do not hold cricket to blame, for the simple reason that if cricket would not have existed, then everybody would have liked some other game, say kabaddi in its place and people would be writing on kabaddi being the death knell for other sports. Some or the other game would hold the position that cricket is now holding. Moreover, we have to face the truth, bitter or otherwise that cricket is the only sport where India currently has the capability to turn out international standard players in large numbers.
Agreed that cricketers in India are a bit glamorised, but Bhupati, Kartikeyan, Pillai and Anand have a celebrity quotient too, and it isn’t that the cricketers have any less talent, and hence are as deserving of the status as their fellow sportsmen. An odd cricketer may belittle the game occasionally, but the damage has been sufficiently remedied by showing the door to every one of them.
Cricket is the game most commonly shown on TV, because it is an interesting game to watch. The television itself prevents people from going out and playing, and not cricket. There are many who like to watch cricket, and keep tabs on the records of the cricketers, and follow the various tournaments keenly, but would hate to go out in the sun and actually play it. Again, cricket takes the blame, this time for the television.
If anyone desires to keep any game alive, then the only possible solution is for the people at large to take interest and work towards it. The government is playing a key role in keeping these games alive, no matter what anyone might say. It treats all games equally, and the incentives and facilities provided to the cricketers are no more than any other player of any other game receives. For those who care, the national events of the games that are supposedly dying out are broadcast regularly on doordarshan, and the public isn’t interested. We cannot hold cricket to blame for having way more viewer potential. The sponsors of the cricket team are partly to blame for going with the flow and encouraging cricket teams only. The advertisements intending to promote the products are promoting the game. Lately, the trend has been changing and companies are looking at various different sportsmen for wearing them on their shirts.
This, and the very fact that such a topic is being called into discussion signifies the change in trend of the people’s thinking. It begins to show that the people actually care about the various sports that are a part of our culture, and those that some of us have mastered better than people from the regions where they developed in the first place. Who knows what this fresh train of thought will lead us, if it loses steam before other sports get a prominent place, then the blame should not come on cricket; if, however, almost extinct sports are rejuvenated, then they will owe one to cricket for bringing their plight into the light.
A lot yet needs to be done, and other sports will most definitely die out if we do not take more sensible steps towards resurrecting them than pointlessly blaming cricket. The devil down below may be ringing the triangular piece of metal for most other games, but the sound coming out most definitely isn’t cricket.
-Aditya MJ
D, FYJC Science

written for a competition last year, did not submit

Cat on the prowl?

Cat on the prowl?
This will sound like a retelling an old tale, because you will have heard it already from the aayah, the milkman, the watchman, the news channel of the local cable network, and the three lines and a picture in thane plus. The incident has long since forgotten by the grapevine, but I'm bringing it up because I never had a chance to take part in the gossip, and frankly speaking, I just had to tell it to somebody, without anyone interrupting their interpretation of their neighbor's version of their son's restatement of his friend's father's eyewitness account. So now here is my narration, and any teachings of hyperbole that I have paid attention to in class have no effect on me. Infact most of this is understatement. Atleast no one can state the excitement that ensued due to the whole thing in hyperbole…
Early on the morning of the fourth of march, an unwelcome visitor slipped stealthily into Vasant Vihar office building. A little later, a watchman went in to change his clothes and saw the creature. He shut the door immediately and raised the alarm.
It promised to be the most exciting day. By eight o clock a large crowd had gathered. A very large crowd had gathered. All of them dying with excitement to catch a glimpse of the creature. Many residents of Panchavati had gathered too, some with cameras, and I was no different. Amongst the excited gossip, the creature evolved from tiger to leopard to cheetah to lion to panther to a premature April fools gag. The crowd settled for the cheetah thanks to the cold drinks in the commercial breaks of the then ongoing cricket world cup. Children were screaming the punchline cheetah bhi peeta hai. Most of them got the day off school, because the excitement was too much to miss. Really. They didn't go. Infact, they joined the crowd.
And what a crowd it was. The cheetah (let's call it that now, for the time being) would have been pulp by now, had the crowd been allowed to go in and see it. All of them were waiting to have a glimpse of it, and were confident enough to face it. None were afraid. Everyone was charged with bravery and courage, in a situation where one would expect them to be frite-ing.
The talk went on for an hour. Then the police came. (crowd bursting with excitement). Then the forest officials came. (crowd exploding with excitement). Then the reporters came. Words all inadequate to describe the state of the frenzy in the crowd. The officials got a large yellow net out and everyone cheered. They put it around the building. Their plan was to put a dart in the cheetah (at this stage, the cheetah idea had become very popular), and make it unconscious and put it in a cage.
So they called the dart guy and waited. The crowd waited too. And they waited. And they waited. And they waited. And then they (naturally) got very tired. Many went home to get refreshments, have breakfast, recharge cameras. Then the dart team came back, and continued their long wait. One and a half hour later, they came.
Utter confusion ensued. I could make out neither head nor tail of the whole thing. I was caught in the middle of a large throng of people all shoving and jostling each other to get into a prime position to look at the cheetah (this being the last time I will bother you without telling what it really turned out to be). The officials (most probably to impress their superiors) shoved us back. The crowd pushed back in return.
The guy with the dart gun went in. Fifteen minutes later, they came back out. Cheers followed cheers as the crowd applauded the capture of the cheetah (one last time, sorry). The officials allowed a small group of people in the front to see it. I was amongst the lucky few.
But I was utterly disappointed. I expected a magnificent giant cat with bulging muscles and smooth skin. Instead, I saw a haggardly starved creature not much bigger than a street dog. I am not a trained person, but to me it really looked like a miniature version of the cheetah in the ad. "Ek baccha nay poora Vasant Vihar ko hila diya". Memorable sentiments of a car washer, and a person who saw the thing.
(The news reports on the local cable networks said it was a leopard. The officials claimed it to be a sher. Thane plus, which everyone will agree is the most credible source, said that it was a panther).
I saw the crowd disperse reluctantly, and the van carrying the panther going ... As soon as I returned home, I began studying for the board exams scheduled for the next day. With the excitement of a panther coming just outside your balcony, what can you dew about it?
- Aditya M J



(Note, for the purpose of this narration, A, B, C, and D are four friends, whose identities are kept secret in order to 'protect their privacy' (read self-respect).

Sometimes in life, people have this thing in the body triggered, and all vigilance of dignity are forgotten and they reduce to laughter, insane, uncontrollable laughter. Not a mere sudden flicker of smile, a fifteen on the equivalent of the Richter scale for laughter. Guts feel as if they are being wrenched inside out and one really wonders why the lungs are not exploding…
They say laughter is the best medicine. Maybe people are getting an overdose. Every day, when I head over to school, early morning. While I am worrying about half - finished geography homework, there is the laughter club howling in the middle of the park. Once upon a time, there used to be hordes of people gathered there, now the people have dwindled to about fifteen. I cannot control the chortle that escapes me as I go past them (I do not even try to). Not because of the dwindled numbers, but because the people there are howling, cackling, tittering and giggling as loudly as their bodies can permit. And they are also flailing their arms all the time. THAT is good for the health.
Atleast some scientific studies says so. Studies that do not take into account extremely perverted people that laugh when they see someone slipping. Or someone gets his Parker filched. Or someone gets bowled out when aiming for a six in cricket (No, D, that is not from personal experience). Or a dog howls at a car that came too close for comfort. And these same people simply refuse to understand the simplest of jokes, and invariably ask 'what happens next' after the climax of every (meant to be funny) narration. But they bend over laughing if you say 'bing'. And they laugh at you again if you ask what it means. A and B used to drag themselves early morning to the laughter club, and stopped after ten days. Maybe they had too much to laugh (I used to play cricket then). Maybe they found the early mornings disheartening. Whatever the reason, they quit. C and D laughed at them for quitting…
A and B get the joke… sometimes. C and D do not, no matter how many times it is explained to them. The annoying 'what happens next' question was asked after I told them all about a person who sees two headlights of a lorry and drives his motorbike between the two thinking they are two scooters going side by side… And this behavior of C and D makes A and B (and me) laugh. After this happened a couple of times, C and D understood when a joke was in the air by the inflection in the speaker's tongue, and they laughed, even though they didn't quite get the joke. This they do either from courtesy or to prevent themselves being looked upon as idiots. And then they laugh again in the (very rare) eventuality of understanding the joke. This culture seems to be spreading everywhere and making a huge mockery of the talent they call 'sense of humour'…

Almost an hour at the bus stop

Almost an hour at the bus stop

The last time I had to write something about an hour in a bus stop was in seventh standard, where I was supposed to make up some excuse like ‘the bus I wanted just left two minutes ago and then weave an imaginative story of interesting things that unfolded there while I waited for the next bus which would have come fifty five minutes behind schedule, otherwise it would prove dreadfully unfavourable to my essay. I never imagined at that time, that I would actually ever have the totally unwanted experience of actually spending well, not an hour, but some forty minutes at a bus stop.
I wasn’t waiting for any bus at the bus stop, but imagining many ways to trouble my (I flinch to call him that) friend, who had, in his extreme foolishness told me that a library where we were both members of, opened at 9:30. He was wrong by an entire half an hour. I, on a rare occasion of punctuality, reached the place fifteen minutes before 9:30. And found out the correct timings. After I finished cursing my (flinch) friend, I was left with two choices, going out of the building and finding something to occupy myself for three fourths of an hour, or sitting on the posh Mittal towers staircase and looking like a fish in the display counter of a jewellery store (out of the water is a phrase too common for my liking).
I, being totally unlike my (flinch) friend, took the wiser option of going out. Once out, I looked left, then looked right. Don’t think I wanted to cross the road; coming to this college everyday has given me the knack of avoiding traffic without going through my kindergarten lessons of looking at both sides before acting like a chicken whose actions people unnecessarily question. I had no intention of crossing the road and In fact, I had no intention at all. I was in a state of total lack of direction. I don’t know why I looked left and then right, but I spotted the bus stop in the process. The bus stop suddenly fell into place. That’s just an expression, it was built, not dropped there, but the thing is, it was an ideal place to sit. I wouldn’t look out of place, and it was a perfect place to wile away time, pretending to wait for some bus. The funny thing is, there was a fish in the window of a jewellery store near the bus stop. Well, it was actually, a gold shark with a ruby-like eye, but that’s the closest you can ever get to get a fish in the jewellery store, that is unless your uncle owns a jewellery store, and you set the fish up just because you are hell bent on proving me wrong.
Anyway, the bus stop being more or less on Nariman point, with tall executive buildings, renowned (not yet open) libraries and the world’s largest collection of Chinese snack corners outside China, the bus stop I was sitting was a pretty busy one.
But being busy did not imply that it was interesting, because watching people get out every single time the bus stops gets very boring after seeing it about one time. I wondered where all the sheep and cows under the boughs were, now that I had all the time to stand and stare. That’s when actually I felt for the first time that life was indeed so full of care. It was so very boring. (I would have liked to use a stronger word like ‘damn’ instead of the ‘very’ in the previous sentence, but decided that it wouldn’t have been aligned with the cultured sentiments of this publication). Two men were chatting away about their bosses in one corner of the bus stop, and I lost out the more juicier statements as I have limited understanding capability of Gujrati. A young man sitting beside me was reading a textbook of some higher educational level to which I have not been introduced, and it had complicated pictures of some valve used in a chemical plant. It had the top view, the side view and a detailed view, and was labelled with words like “regulating pedal clutch”. But that was about all my dwindled interest would allow me to see.
I reduced to the regular pastime of people patiently waiting for something to happen, and began looking at my watch every 3.64 microseconds. Ever heard of the saying a watched pressure cooker never whistles? Obviously you haven’t, but the never-boiling pot is another one of those many things in my hate list. Well, if there was just one thing that I learnt after spending almost an hour at the bus stop, I realised how long it takes for the second needle to journey across the six degrees of a clock-face. I learnt the value of a second, and the good thing was that I did not have to find an Olympic silver-medallist to reveal the value to me. And there was still a good healthy twenty minutes left.
The people continued to pour out off whichever bus happened to stop at the bus stop, which was every single that went past it. I know that doesn’t make sense, but it does; don’t think I am Oscar Wilde, at least I don’t believe that a true friend stabs you in the front…
With the lack of anything better to do, I bought some groundnuts and started eating them. My eyes were by now following the regular routine of looking left, my watch, right, my watch, and were only disturbed every few minutes when a bus stopped, which was no surprise because I was at a bus stop. Having totally concentrated on the second needle, I now actually looked at the time and noticed that I had only ten minutes of eyeball exercising left, and a wave of hope washed over me, and I resolved never to be so bored again ever in my life, and whenever any free time presented itself, I would do something more useful than finding out the value of a second and cooking up totally revolting expressions involving pressure cookers and fish.
Surprisingly enough (though not as much as finding a fish in a jewellery store), the I’m-bored-and-have-nothing-interesting-to-do-time, (or in other words, leisure) came soon enough, and that evening, I did not have to force out any creative juices from wherever they were stored, and had a lot of at least remotely presentable material at my disposal, so I decided to write an article, and this is it.
-Aditya MJ

this article got the first prize in my college magazine dakshinayanam for 2002-2003

Baby Bob’s Marvellous Toy

Baby Bob’s Marvellous Toy

Who created the earth, one might question,
And many gods do this credit rob,
Don’t listen to the say of your religion,
The world was created by baby Bob…

Mighty baby Bob made this ball
And he coloured it with green and blue,
And in it he put us humans all,
And creatures that crawled and flew.

Then he blew out the clouds in the sky,
And fashioned lakes, rivers and streams,
Shaped the valley deep and mountain high,
Flung out the sun, dropped the moonbeams.

Painted the rainbow and the northern lights,
And the eerie glow of the firefly,
All the stars that shine in our nights,
And the lightning that streaks the stormy sky.

He rippled the seas with mighty waves,
And then lit the fire on volcanic mountaintops,
Crafted crystalline daggers in cavernous caves,
And Chalk-white cliffs with breathtaking drops.

He made the rain and then the snow,
He pushed out the grass and then the trees,
And coaxed the delicate flowers to grow,
Then he modelled the busy buzzing bees.

Yet a question remained to be answered,
Why did he do what he did?
This is very true though very absurd,
Mighty Bob was one punk of a kid.

Thor had a Hammer, and Ariadne, a seed,
Krishna had a flute, and Odin, a flame,
Cupid had a harp and Loki, a steed,
And Bob too wanted something special to his name,

So, he shaped the whole elaborate thing;
(The place we live in, our very own globe)
Bob just wanted an exceptional earring,
And now it proudly hangs from his left earlobe…

-Aditya MJ
Division D (FYJC)

A rainy day

A rainy day
Some geography text books talk about the whole thing starting with the sun burning and heating up a pathetic little planet a few gazillion stone throws away and making low pressure areas in some miserable parts of it that cause winds near the equator to get disoriented and head towards these places and empty up over there. No matter how many hellfires burn the sun, it cannot keep the earth like one big Sahara. If it had any shame, it would have gone nova and then become nothing and everything at once. The resulting nothingness and everythingness would suck worse than earth, because nothing in the known universe can suck like black holes, and the whole thing would end in a respectable manner. Instead, it persists in coaxing them little vapours of the good old water upwards and creating woolly and senseless things called clouds.
Even the bloody silver lining is only lightning. And then the usual stuff happens. The wonderful black clouds awake the parched earth by sprinkling water on it. Everything turns beautiful at once. The peacocks begin their monsoon dance; the birds start serenading the smell of moist soil…you get the idea. They miss out on all the people cursing… cursing because they forgot an umbrella, cursing because the stupid umbrella won’t open, when they remembered to lug it along, and cursing because when it does open, after taking a finger or two with it, it cannot keep them dry anyway.
I cursed along with them on such a rainy day. It started as innocently as usual. Ever heard of something like the final feather breaking the camel’s back? An exact parallel to me and my school bag (hey English fanatics, my bag and I is downright stupid here OK?). Why bother risking the straps tearing off by pushing the umbrella into my already overloaded misshapen piece of synthetic something that passes of as my schoolbag… and moreover, only cirrus clouds were in the sky. That means rain-free clear and bright sunny weather ahead. When Mother Nature is not in the mood to play around with our wretched lives that is. I had almost reached the bus stop when it began to drizzle. I looked up at the blanket of nimbostratus that had crept in. Guess what that means? You are wrong – it was just drizzling… amazingly. The whole beauty of a rainy day registered within me for what seemed like a millisecond, when the Almighty took my picture. The thunder reached me a few seconds after the lightning. The clouds began to gather and get darker. Mother Nature was in for a treat.
I frowned. Another picture was taken. After that, it would have been better if it had just rained felines and canines. I ran the remaining distance to the bust stop and joined the surprisingly large queue. When the bus came, it never stopped at the bust stop. It just continued on its way. I ran behind it and started banging on its side, when the driver finally halted the bus. The conductor was polite enough and chided me on something like coming in front and standing. He wanted me to have somehow realised that all those people in the bus stop were just -taking shelter from the rain. The driver, knowing this, had not stopped till I did a Shivamani on his bus. I cursed at them like anything, and prayed to God, that it would rain for a couple of more millennia so that they would be stuck in that stupid bus stop forever. I immediately wished that I hadn’t.
That’s because my prayers were answered. I endured the rain in the bus. Where the window would refuse to close, not surprising if one notes the fact that the window catch was rusted. Through the open window, I looked at all those people caught in the open, struggling to stay dry, and hopelessly failing. A couple on a scooter had got down and were putting on a raincoat. Now that’s one of mankind’s innovations that is almost as frustrating as the umbrella. It seems the buttons, hooks, zips, and whatever those Velcro-based fasteners are called worked only in dry weather. People were huddling under shops, where the collected water on the shop roofs would fall at once on top of their heads. And just when a few people were safe and dry at a nice cosy bus stop, the bus came along and splashed muddy water all over them.
Then came the train phase, I would have been more or less as dry as I was if it weren’t for the masses of people coming along and sitting beside me and shaking all the water onto their co-passengers. Felt like most of it came on me. It was as wet inside the compartment, as it was outside. The rain had somehow found its way through a crack in the closed window. I was wet, depressed, wet, dirty, wet and did I mention? – wet. I survived college – seems I started a new kind of hairstyle or something. Foiled the rain by managing not to get any wetter on the way back, as I was already 102% water no matter what the science textbooks say. Came home, cleaned and dried myself, and let myself fall on the bed. This was how I liked a rainy day, form the inside. I decided to look at the beauty of it all, and I should have known that something would go wrong. The rains stopped. Immediately. Completely. Totally. Not a single infernal drop of the heavenly h2o. Ironically it was then that the birds started singing… I think in relief.
-Aditya MJ

The life of a monster

The life of a monster

With due thanks to a friend for suggesting this topic, and by which I am not sarcastically implying that he has had experience in such matters.
A 'monster' is any creature that refuses to die unless helicopters and missiles are brought in, in a Hollywood movie or a Bollywood b-grade flick. Such monsters can be classified into giant scary seemingly indestructible spiders, giant scary seemingly indestructible snakes, giant scary seemingly indestructible lizards, giant scary seemingly indestructible aliens, giant scary seemingly indestructible somewhat cute monkeys and giant scary seemingly indestructible moving live jelly. Dracula doesn't count (pun intended). Live puppets and werewolves don’t count either. It would have been really nice if I could have come up with and intended pun for those too…
Let us consider the life of another typically average boring monster. Here are its life stories if it was to live in Hollywood and then in one of the movies that Mithun dada releases every two months.
Hollywood thriller: An asteroid from (obviously) outer space creates a small unnoticeable crater in the middle of the remotest smallest most insignificant US owned island in the Pacific. Some exotic local fauna (ELF) comes to investigate and is suddenly possessed by microorganisms that survived in the asteroid. If that were not enough, the remnant radiation from an atomic test nearby also reaches the ELF (please read exotic local fauna, not elf) and some mutations take place transforming it into super ELF, a giant scary seemingly indestructible ELF. Now, super ELF cannot stay quietly in the remotest smallest most insignificant US owned island in the Pacific.
Something draws super ELF to a fairly populated town to which the movie director is closest in location to (the budget is really hampered by all the special effects you know, so its better to travel to the closest big town). So super ELF will go around the Pacific into New York even if Los Angeles is closer. The fishermen in Panama will create chaos when the super ELF passes through their humble waters. It will create ripples of fear in the local towns, but no big thing. Panaman locals are illiterate fools. They're making the whole thing up to draw tourists. So super ELF goes mostly unnoticed into the Atlantic, goes into Manhattan and then the boring stuff begins.
To put the thing in one (OK, somewhat long) sentence, super ELF creates havoc in the city, goes climbs some buildings destroys more, makes the hero meet the heroine, kills the sidekick, goes into hiding, destroys a few more buildings when discovered, the army comes in and finally, it gets killed due to the heroics of well, the hero.
Oh, on the way, super ELF kills a few more sidekicks, to show its power. Actually, one cannot put it in one sentence, a lot of things happen on the way. Super ELF has to tread on some cars, and go one on one with the late twin towers. It also has to sustain some bullets and shells and rockets and missiles and what not till the hero discovers its weak spot. And then super ELF simply has to make the woosies not already bored with the whole thing cry by killing their favorite character, which would be the heroine's dog. And then the heroine begs the hero to kill the super ELF. She does not do it after the hole in the empire state, she does not do it after half the famous Manhattan skyline is rubble. She does not do it after thousands evacuate the city. She does it after it eats her dog. Now it’s the hero Vs super ELF. He turns out to be an expert on ELFs and he knows the way to kill it, which can range from zapping electricity in its mouth to feeding it chicken lollipops. And finally, it dies. But wait! No end of story, super ELF has left behind an egg in the remotest sewer of the city, and it cracks after the credits, making way for super ELF II.
Mithun's pet: This is far more interesting than its Hollywood counterpart. For once, the creature is not affected by microorganisms from outer space or nuclear tests. It is created by a Rakshas, not to be confused with giant. It is created to plague the honest citizens of the local kingdom. The setting is old Indian time when Kings still ruled whatever bit of land they managed to cling on to. Now, the king has a big worry. Not the monster, that’s not his biggest worry, it confines itself to the forest and gobbles up every passerby who dares to venture in not heeding to his mother's sound advice, but it does not go rampaging in his town.
His real worry is marrying off his daughter, and there seems to be no one worthy for her beauty. His minister gives him an idea by which he can kill two birds with one stone and that is to proclaim that any prince who can kill the monster in the jungle can have the princess's hand in marriage. Now the mantri who advises this, has secret plans as he is the Rakshas in disguise and has total control over the creature, he wants to eliminate any competition before he can go take over the kingdom. The king however finds this idea ideal and he proclaims the proclamation. A lot of veer jawan go and never come back.
Then comes the hero, a local, a son of an ironsmith suddenly discovers his past as being carried away from a castle by an eagle who gives him to the ironsmith and the ironsmith has no aulad, so he takes care of him et cetera.
He is the prince, without the pride and is humble. Oh, by the way, the princess loves him but he's just a lohe ka son till now atleast. So he has to kill the monster for the happy ending, and he does that with the hammer. Sheer bravery and brawn. But Surprise! Mantri ka pravesh, with all jadooi powers and thermocol sets. Sword fighting, horse riding, swimming with crocs ensue, but it’s the aashirwaaad of the hero's maa that does the trick and well, do I even need to say this? - They live happily ever after.

-Aditya MJ
02 / 05 / 2003

The purpose

The purpose

Asatyam apratistham te
Jagad ahur anisvaram
Kim anyat kama-haitakum

This is something lifted from the Bhagvad Gita, so unless you are one of those very rare Sanskrit scholars, most of the above will be gibberish to you. Note the kama in the last line though, it will come in useful. Even I didn’t know what the hell it means, that was until I read (OK, one of) its translation(s). You see, I laid my hands on a book called ‘Bhagvad Gita as it is’, by his divine grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the founder of the international society for Krishna Consciousness. All of the Gita stanzas I have used are from this book, and the translations used are his. Without his translations, I would have never realized the underlying secret that I think the Gita is trying to hide.
Now, as I have taken a major religion into hold, this is a very delicate topic to handle, so I will try to be as politically correct, and more importantly, polite to the religion as possible.
There is however, a very subtle difference between the Vedic and the Hindu religion. The Hindu religion, is to be despised as it involves a lot of tomfoolery with fire and chants. All the other religions in the world, actively promote some kind of ritual or other in order to gain entry into a transcendental spiritual world, a state of awakeenment. That’s a word I was forced to make up, take it as to mean a semi-enlightenment. Now, this awakeenment makes you indistinguishable from a transcendental being they call god, and like, you are the huge overlord of the universe, and you are free from multiple births on the earth. That is why, religions are so sane.
The Vedic religion on the other hand, is less of a religion as such in this context. It is more like a faith, or a dedication to a certain set of educated, and thus malleable ideas, rather than a blind conviction of a totally false set of irrational beliefs.
The guys who wrote the Vedas were really cool people. They did a load of research, and probably were as advanced as medieval Europe. The rest of this paragraph isn’t the product of any research, and thus isn’t a fact, but it just my surmise. I think that the Vedics really dissected the world around them, wrote down the various sciences in the Vedas, and some left over stuff in the Upanishads. Their intention and aim, was probably the same as what is mankind’s intention and aim, even now.
They were, and we are in an eternal search to an answer to our existence. The purpose of men, or even a single man. We are, basically in search of an aim and intention in our lives. Maybe we already know this purpose and refuse to accept it. Maybe the Vedics discovered it, and wished to hide the scary truth, as it would have to change the very nature of man’s sentience. The Vedics probably realized that there was indeed no difference between man and beast. And they wished to hide this chilling fact by inventing God.
And how they succeeded. And there lies the difference between Man and other animals, It is not the so called soul, it is not the evolution of intelligent languages, it is not the opposable thumb, it is not the fact that you are reading this article which is a huge manipulation of the biosphere, but it is simply the totally irrational belief in god that a few of us have.
And I am being polite not to Hinduism, but to Vedism. That is the religion I am talking about. Ved, literally means knowledge. And god is necessary in the lack of sufficient knowledge to explain stuff. That is why, knowledge and God are opposites, but ignorance and god go hand in hand. I also pity the Vedics, because they had to do it. All their learning was reduced to peanuts when they realized Mankind’s purpose.
According to me, god was invented by the Vedics to give man a purpose in life other than the menacing one that the Vedics discovered. In order to hide a pretty morally sickening purpose, the Vedics invented an eternally unattainable one, in the form of god, a supreme consciousness, and a quest to get close to it. It is impossible, because it did not and does not exist. The underlying ‘morally sickening’ purpose is however still valid even today. This hidden and yet obvious purpose in man’s life is what the article will be about. To do that, you will have to go back in time around 8.7x10^17 seconds.
Once upon a space and time, there was this thing that is now called earth by a self-defined most intelligent species that lives on it. This blue and green oasis in the desert of space was once a fiery hell, with the entire world being covered by a uniform mass of hot and molten rock. And over time it cooled, and a totally magical thing called light forced a few organic compounds to go where no organic compounds had ever gone before. To the land of “hey! look at this, I made myself”. A few self-replicating amino acids kicked started life on a lifeless planet. And thus eukaryotic guys, in other words Life was born, and the self-replicating started like hell. Once it began, there was no way to stop it. Life survived all those ice ages, continental drifting, meteors, apart from your normal tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes, earthquakes et cetera. This stubborn thing called life pulled through everything, and not only did it pull through, it sort of did pretty well actually. It evolved into a thousand different things, all of which will never be discovered by the most remarkable one of them all, a really nice little colony of amoebas called humans.
Humans are somewhat the lords of the eukaryots. They are so advanced, and the amoebas, or cells are so modified, especially in the brain, that a point came where humans become so much more advanced than their cousins, that they found it necessary to distinguish themselves, from everything else.
This arrogance, of being fundamentally different from dogs and radishes and ice, made man develop a great civilization, which is now a huge tumor on earth. Man, set out in search of a purpose, and all he found were a few immaterial but somewhat logical sciences that can never be totally explained, and god, an unreal but absolute explanation for everything. Naturally, he opted for god, and in many ways, it was indeed the better course. And the Vedics probably realized the real and yet simple purpose. If you are thinking that I am building it up to a really lengthy climax, then Surprise! I have already told this purpose.
That brings us back to the translation of the opening stanza from the Bhagvad Gita.
“They say that this world is unreal, with no foundation, no god in control. They say it is produced of sex and desire and has no cause other than lust”
Scared? Don’t worry, Hinduism had adopted the Gita as its holy book and all, and it most certainly does not believe in what the above says. But the most damning conclusion of my theory is already here. To be fair to both Hinduism and Vedism, The ‘they’ in the stanza, refers to demons, described, quiet naturally as people who laze and drink and eat and have a lot of fun. People without a religion. People without a faith. And yet, here, you can most see how much the truth was despised. Those who were filled with lust, were simply branded as demons. And this is where the taboo of sex started. That is why some of the more conservative of us are embarrassed so much about sex. That is why sex carries this guilt with it.
That is the purpose of all animate existence – sex. There is no helping it, the fact that we are intelligent beings, will always hold true, but we can never run away from the fact that we are relatively short-lived intelligent eukaryotic beings, and therefore destined to ensure our own survival by making as many kids as possible.
This wouldn’t have mattered at all if we were immortal. Then, there would be sense in al all-powerful entity such as god, simply because, then, there would, really be no sense in life. But since we are not immortal, though we try like hell and fantasize about things like afterlife, we are forced to follow what is embedded in every cell of our bodies. To continue to let our genes stay alive. In the extended phenotype, Richard Dawkins, a renowned ethologist, categorically states that all eukaryots are merely vehicles to carry genes from one generation to the next. These vehicles – amoebic colonies or eukaryots have no other purpose but to carry their genes forward through time, and these genes can exist only in the short-lived bodies of these eukaryots. Man, too is classified right there. He has no purpose other than carrying forward his genetic material. If you need any elaboration, think about the ‘purpose’ of any other animals (I am not saying plants because you cannot even remotely related to them), animals like dogs, bears, lions, elephants, and I will even give you dolphins. Do they have any real ‘purpose’ in life? Would it be fair to our very near cousins actually, to be so arrogant as to have a ‘purpose’ simply because natural selection opted for a bloated brain?
Such a basic and blatant but somewhat disgusting purpose can never be handled by any human being in the modern society, and the Vedics tried really heard to squash all the lust out, though they left some provision for supposedly normal patriarchal system to facilitate begetting, in an ultimate display of hypocracy.
According to me, the Vedics hated sex. It all started with the arrogance of being fundamentally different from the rest of the biosphere, but their pride was shattered when they found out that everything was fundamentally, the same, and that some of the more interesting specimens under study made spontaneous copies of itself. And there, one of those filthy specimens included everything from pigs to fungi, and included without doubt, man. Like the Schrodinger’s cat paradox, man realized that he couldn’t study animal life without classifying himself as an animal. Man was an integral part of the biological system. He found out, much to the adverse affect on his ego, that he was not actually much better off than pigs or fungi, and that all his intelligence and brilliance had evolved due to, and would survive only by, and the whole purpose of which, was merely sex. The purpose of belief in god, was to rid the body from hell, which is earth. The Vedics hated their own lives for what they were. They deemed their existence to be hell, because they were forced to accept a very unclean explanation for all their advanced lives. The intensity at which the Vedics hated sex, and every association with it, can be seen from another stanza of the Gita, that demonizes everything that is likely to allow a man to have more sex:
Ahankaram balam darpam
Kamam krodham ca samsritah
Mam atma-para-dehesu
Pradvisanto bhyauyakah
“Bewildered by false ego, strength, pride, lust and anger, the demons become envious of the supreme personality of Godhead, who is situated in their own bodies and in the bodies of others, and blaspheme against real religion.”
And another
Tan aham dvisatah kruran
Samsaresu naradhaman
Ksipamy ajasram asubhan
Asurisv eva yonisu
“Those who are envious and mischievous, who are the lowest among men, I perpetually cast into the ocean of material existence, into various demonic species of life”
Do you even need more convincing, the Gita rants on and on against these sexually charged, but unfortunately absolutely human ‘demons’? The world is already consumed in material existence, as that is the only kind of existence possible. You either have this, or you have God, and either path shatters us so much, that we choose a suitable mixture of both.
The Gita talks of a supersoul, an enlightened being that attains godhead. It predicts the existence of a spiritual world beyond. The protocol it prescribes for gaining this state of eternal enlightenment is abhorrence to all material passions. And anyone doing otherwise is contemptuously subjected to hell, which, reading between the lines, seems the very existence on earth! If you get the drift of what I am trying to say, you would have smiled at the previous line. Earth is hell, my dear long dead Vedic friends, because you have no purpose in it, and you are no different from all the other animals, beasts to use a stronger word, and to use a yet stronger word, demons. The Gita forces only this part strongly, and takes the existence of the transcendental as a fact. That is why, the rest of the Gita is god-promoting nonsensical propaganda, whereas those talking about the need to rid oneself of the material desires is written with so much emotion, a good attempt to humanize man. Mankind, has and has never had, and will never have, any divine purpose. Face it, its OK. You will be standing up to the truth, which the Vedics say you must, but they themselves didn’t.
This is my theory in a line, that the Vedics were some really learned and therefore confused guys who couldn’t live with the fact that humans exist only to have sex, and therefore invented god to give mankind a valid and feasible purpose. Naturally, belief or disbelief in god is not of any considerable material consequence at least, so go ahead and take whichever road you please. Theism, is thus, a disease to the genes.
There is no moral of the story, as the ‘moral’ would be either hypocritical, or totally immoral. In conclusion, I offer this; another stanza and another translation, which will, I believe speaks for itself, if nothing else, then for its absolute hypocracy:
Rsibhi bahudha gitam
Chandobhir vividhaih prthak
Brahma-sutra-padais caiva
Hetumadbhir viniscitaih
“That knowledge of the field of activites and of the knower of activites is described by various sages in various Vedic writings. It is especially presented in Vedanta-sutra with all reasoning as to cause and effect”
You know what I am talking about ;).
-Aditya MJ

This is going to be one hell of a post – script. I actually thought that I would end the article there. In fact, I did, and this is a continuation, to discuss the issue a little more.
After reading the article, some people might think me to be a pervert who encourages people to indulge in kinky practices, as that is the only reason we live. I just wanted to clarify that.
Anudvega-karam vakyum
Satyam priya-hitam ca yat
Svadhyayabhyasanam caiva
Van-mayam tapa ucyate
“Austerity of speech consists in speaking words that are truthful, pleasing, beneficial, and not agitating to others, and also in regularly reciting Vedic literature.”
What amazes me about the Gita is that it gives loads of information on how to attain godhead, and entry into the next world, and the only source of happiness in this world is in the course of attaining some crap in the next world. It never advices people to eat or drink and be merry. Not even being happy without eating or drinking toxic stuff. Not once in its fat self does the stupid thing have anything useful. It either talks about the greatness of god, a load of damn near impossible stuff to do to attain some crap in an imaginary after-world, or it says that only demons have sex.
The Vedics probably troubled us all with the Gita because they believed that they were the product of demons.
I do not believe sex to be the only objective of man, so most of this continuation would seem to be opposing whatever I have built up so far. Actually, there is this underlying frustration in what I have written so far if you go back and read it. The whole thing needs further clarification.
About a few days after I finished writing the first part, I read a book called the da vinci code. If it is to be believed, sex being tabooed hasn’t happened with vedism alone, it has also happened with Christianity. But I think the book was unjust when it claimed ‘and other religions followed suit’. Vedism is elder to Christianity, and even to the very legends of Christianity by a few millennia. (By the way, I’ve just discovered a disgusting thing about Microsoft, Christianity, Jainism, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Hinduism automatically capitalizes when typed out in small letters, but islam doesn’t, and its no consolation that it shows up with a red line underneath it.) I don’t know about Islam, or all the other religions, but Christianity certainly makes sex seem like a bad thing, but the reasons for it are more superficial than what I think what made the Vedics do the same thing. Christianity did it (according to the code) to make Jesus something like a god-like figure, and to do this it was necessary to make his wife, someone called Mary Magdalene a prostitute. The entire gender was suppressed because of the establishment of Christianity. Read the code for more info and pleasure.
The thing is, for whatever reasons, sex is considered to be a bad thing to the society. And surprisingly, I totally agree. This is against the sentiments of the previous pages and the code, I know, but I am not totally comfortable with this sex thing, ever since it was used for anything other than making babies.
That is the whole purpose of sex, and normal life, to make babies. To propagate ones chromosomes to the next generation. We humans are nothing in the timeline of the universe. Probably even our kind of life is nothing. But within our narrow space, we are all being cruelly used. Cruelly used by our extremely selfish genes that want to make replicate themselves. Human beings are like clothes that these genes wear from time to time in their nearly eternal lives. And again, for more information and pleasure, read the selfish gene, the river out of Eden, and the extended phenotype by Richard Dawkins.
So the only real purpose for man is to have sex, but only to make babies. Any other kind of sex, is just another indulgence in fantasy, something like god.
Kind of heart wrenching isn’t it? We are all here, to do nothing else, but have sex, only to make babies, and to ensure that they grow up to become healthy and fertile adults. And this is something that we refuse to accept in our individual lives. We need something more, something to occupy the mind, and challenge it. The mind is restless without something to dwell in.
And what is wrong with that? If clothes have become so damn intelligent, than what is the purpose of remaining just clothes? We could be something else. What mankind needs, is a real purpose, something that he can dedicate the use of his immensely powerful brain for. Something that he can use his abilities better for. Such a thing as a human brain cannot be wasted on such inconsequent things like god or sex. The human brain is such a wonderful development, that we humans, have the right to be arrogant and claim that we are indeed different from our animal cousins. Progress was never a bad thing.
Many animals use tools in their lives. Chimps use gummy sticks to take out tasty ants from anthills. Eagles use stones to smash turtle shells before eating up the soft (and splattered) insides. Beavers even build dams. So our industrial progress itself doesn’t differentiate man from other animals, but our efficiency at it does, at least at this point of time. So what if the entire purpose of mankind could be scientific endeavor. That’s just my suggestion though; there are some people who say science is merely a modern fantasy, like god used to be. We do not know if dogs or beavers believe in a God, so we cannot claim to be different from them even there. I was wrong when I said that a belief in god separates man from all other animals. But I’m sure I’ve hit upon the real distinction now – it is the fact that man alone on earth has a huge chunk of population that is embarrassed by and are averse to sex. What we need is to change this, accommodate and accept sex, and at the same time engage the mind in something other than stupid things like god. Obvious alternative answers emerge, dwelling the mind of philosophy, music, painting, in a word - art… but generally speaking, all of this has now degenerated to another form of hideous kink. That is why such kind of art is hated, not because it is prudish, but because it debases the very foundations from which it arises. The object of art is not to appeal the senses, but rather to portray the wonder of the human mind, and appeal to the intelligence.
So basically, yes, god, and kink, are different forms of the same petty fantasies to which the excess availability of gray matter in the human brain has succumbed to, but it can succumb to something much more useful.
And what this useful purpose is, every individual has to decide for himself, depending on the type of brain that he is fortunate enough to have.
-Aditya MJ

The crank metropolitan

The crank metropolitan

Mumbai – 400001. Officially known as Mahatma Gandhi marg. More officially known as Fashion Street. That’s Mumbai. It is certainly, the weirdest metropolitan that you will ever see. There’s this really amazing movie called ‘split wide open’ which is something that you simply must watch if you live in Mumbai. Apart from exposing the dark underbelly, it really opened my eyes to the fundamental eccentricity that this city has. And now I see it everywhere. Just following a single person around, will really make a great story or movie or whatever. Every aspect of it is different from anything conventional anywhere else in the world:
For example, if you have noticed, this city’s bovines have this intolerable arrogance about them. I mean yeah, ok, Hinduism is really widespread and cows are respected more than the national flag and all, but don’t you think, people have really reached the limit when a big huge brown bull is impassively chewing the cud in the middle of the eastern express highway? I mean, just picture this, and I am sure it will not be difficult, because you have probably noticed and ignored this; imagine a busy street flanked by glass-windowed shops on either side, and vehicles easily doing eighty going about their busy metropolitan ways, and in the middle of it all sits this extension from some rural area patiently eating a bundle of grass kept in front of it. And I am not only talking about cows, but all those domestic animals that you expected to find in some stupid little farm a hundred kilometers from any city, all shamelessly amble about all over this city. There was this time when I was going to the station, and the bus suddenly stopped in the middle of the road for about two minutes. I look out of the window to see around fifty measly mottled goats walk past. I was wondering if they were going on their own accord when I finally saw a tiny boy controlling the whole flock. And another time I was coming by train (early days, not having obtained the concession form) in second class, towards this college when some guy with two bears looking like very plump hairy dogs, just climbed on. You may think that businessmen, beggars, foreigners or policemen walk around like they own the place. That’s one rally wrong notion; no one does that like the animals. You have bovines, dogs, cats, pigs, donkeys and leopards all walking around as if a metropolitan encroachment on their jungle has done nothing to change the inheritance of their ancestors. Mumbai has the unique and outrageous distinction of being the only metropolitan in the world with a full-fledged jungle in its heart.
Then there are these beggars. The other day I was coming to college, and some guy who wouldn’t have looked out of place in a National Geographic documentary on cannibals suddenly appeared from nowhere and began whipping himself hard with this long thick whip and then pestering people for money. There was this other time when I was strictly minding my own business when somebody hit me with a broom. I looked around to see what they were thinking, when I saw these two people looking like extras from some Arabian nights movie, and they were holding some rich cloth between them on which people were pouring cash. I have still not found out the significance of the broom. Then there is the class of train singers who think that they are doing us harassed commuters a favor by singing the cheapest of those bad remixes that you hear these days, usually accompanied by two stones that they clap together. Sometimes if you are really lucky, you’ll find a beggar with a harmonium that has most of the keys still intact. Then there are the hijdas, who I feel really sorry for, and this time, not in the comic sense. What has happened to them is really painful. These unfortunate people were once revered by the people, and were considered a source of wisdom and blessings. They were paid to bless the people. In the obtuse semi-orthodox world, these people find neither jobs, nor veneration, and are forced to earn a living by begging.
Just a notch above these beggars are the peddlers. Now these are the innovative class of people, sell things really cheap. The city is saturated with these guys. Everything from clothes, to toys, to shoes, to CDs, to cameras all are sold on the street side at dirt cheap prices, and all these commodities emerge from the fabled Ulhasnagar area. I know two people in my classroom, one of whom, wears a two thousand five hundred rupee watch that is indistinguishable from a two hundred one of the other. Some of their products are really innovative and you cannot expect to find them anywhere else, no matter how much you are prepared to pay for them. For example, there was this guy outside the thane station who was selling inch-long working torches that give out enough light to find your way in case of a power failure. Another time there was this little tube with some plastic jelly in it, which when pressed around a straw and blown gave out enormous somethings indistinguishable from big soap bubbles. These (I’m guessing) polythene bubbles were as long lasting as balloons!
Be weary of the people selling food though. If you do not have a really sturdy constitution, then go ahead, and you will probably develop a new disease. Maybe they will even name it after you. There have been cases where some pani-puri fellow with a cut finger spread AIDS to two students who were eating from his stall. Imagine my disgust, on another occasion, when a woman from whom I was about to purchase perus from, used her huge knife to cut a part of her toenail that she had just noticed were looking toxic and revolting, thankfully, just in time as I was almost about to make the purchase.
That brings to mind about the condition of hygiene in the metropolitan. Sewers in Mumbai – the place to go if you want to find anything from delighted piglets playing with the water to immobile dead bodies. These sewers are flanked on either side by slums, who mistake them to be the water supply. Especially dangerous in ulhasnagar, from which sweets and mineral water move out to all over the city. And then again health conscious people of Mumbai have proved that cities can, in fact be dissolved in spittle. And it won’t be uncommon to find some poor soul who has not watched the street properly, now trying hard to get the excreta off his shoes, and unfortunately ends up getting it over his pants too. The monsoon rains come as a boon to these people, as the water dilutes the said umm… lets say metabolic wastes, and spread more or less harmlessly over a larger area, so that they are unnoticeable.
And then, there is the underbelly, the wanton corruption and violence. The less said about that, the better. And in such times, the real, resilient and unblemished spirit of the city shines through. Being a part of Mumbai, gives you this strength, and this confidence. You are already brought up in the ‘real world’, and you have this arrogant, blunt-headed capacity to face anything. Every individual stands for the attitude of the city, and according to various views, this attitude can be good, bad or ugly. According to me, being a Mumbaikar, stands for being downright cool. That’s why I love calling this place a home.
-Aditya MJ

God has no religion

God has no religion
-Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Just look at how true this rings. I don’t see the point in any religion. According to the somewhat flexible morals of the modern society, one has to follow a certain order of discipline in order to be an integral part of the society. And then, the followers of any one discipline for a society of their own, and naturally are not very much a part of other societies - meaning people following other faiths. Naturally this brings about an unhealthy conflict, between two faiths with the same basic principles.
So tolerance is something that we need to learn. And here, the word ‘tolerance’ is used in very bad taste. When talking about people being ‘tolerant’ about other religions, there is an undertone in which any and all other religions are implied to be inferior and unhealthy to the society. So what we actually need, is an intolerance to all religions, thereby making a new one that doesn’t have conflicting ideas of a group of people, but at the most may have the conflicting ideas of a few people. Something like divide and rule. In order for a peaceful co-existence where people don’t have a backing of a considerable army of proud and angered and totally directionless people under the illusion of a religious doctrine forcing a set of somewhat false ideas onto other people. Such people, without a religion are hated by the entire society, that is all the people having any religion. They are branded as godless. They are hated probably because it would be immoral to enforce a religion upon them, because they have abandoned all of the existing ones. These ‘godless’ people are shunned by the religiously charged ones for being dangerous to the integrity of their own religion or society.
The alternative solution would be an absolute amalgamation of all religions, but minor differences, blown totally out of proportion would keep this from happening ever, and the result would be probably a hundred more religions emerging from the effort due to people choosing the supposedly religious disciplines most suited for their needs.
My point is this, if you actually believe in god, and are very religious, then you are in a dangerous state of mind. First of all, you would have to waste a large amount of your resources to fuel your faith. After that, when you are fuelling your faith, you are angering the less tolerant ones, and believe me, becoming a martyr for any religion is the worst waste for a human life ever possible. It isn’t all that difficult to establish something like a moral code of conduct (something like it exists already), where there are absolutely no religions followed, and all beliefs about god, and origin, and ritualistic waste of time are all extremely personal matters, and shouldn’t ever leave the four walls of the house. Hell, if it were up to me, I would prevent the spread of beliefs even from parent to child. Throughout history, and over a greater span of time than the religion founders can possible imagine, it has been proved that religion has harmed man more than helping him.
If there is something known as peace of mind, then why do you believe that religious meditation is the only way to achieve it? Experiments with non-religious meditation, have also given the exact same results. If you believe in god, and god himself doesn’t have a religion, why should you?
We don’t need it, it is a disgusting mistake that keeps propagating itself. It is a matter of human intelligence to throw away such long-lasting fantasies and enter the real life, where we can all co-exist. Religion is a self-defeating purpose. In our modern times, such archaic beliefs blinden humanity from true progress.
This is too stereotype and ending, but something that will stand true always, why don’t we simply adopt humanity as our religion?
-Aditya MJ

For all eternity

For all eternity
Your brain is the howling wind
Of confused thoughts flying by
And for every thought that you think
You watch a helpless reality die
And suddenly your brain is a storm
With winds of time and fate and origin
And the paradox of life that you live
In lethargic misery and inane sin

The mind strays into untamed fission
And the wonders of science derange your head
For all the scientists dissecting atoms
Were working only to see people dead
And maybe death was the salvation
As life itself was never to be:
What if god isn’t the greatest truth after all?
But instead, the greatest fallacy?

And deep inside the very soul burns
With the same energy that feeds the sun
For this soul of man refuses to believe
That life is but a thousand compounds of carbon
And all the weight comes down to life
A heart? A brain? A conscience? A soul?
What is that mystic spark that fuels a man?
Little choice but to accept ‘life’ as a whole

And life alone makes the mind go supernova
For with beautiful life alone began it all
And life alone is the thing that brings death
And a considering mind’s downfall
And after all that the answer hits you
What if life is just god dreaming?
But then your blood curdles as you wonder
What if life is just god screaming…

…for all Eternity?
-Aditya MJ



And it loomed over the small town
In the middle of a desert of ice
A dark and menacing mountaintop
An intruder in earthly paradise

A greyed peak lost into the clouds
And sides of time-hardened snow
With the blackest rocks jutting out
And a tiny man dreaming below

‘Chomolangma’ they called her
‘The supreme goddess of the sky’
And such a formidable mountain
A wishful man dared to defy

Thirty thousand feet of untamed snow
Rooted in black and jagged stone
A sludgy mass of half-melted sleet
And a figure trudging along all alone

And the goddess threw in endless deceits
As he climbed towards her crown of ice
Sudden rocks that rolled down from above
Unexpected fissures in featureless precipice

And the weather gods weren’t amused
By the man who dared to challenge her
And troubled him with endless blizzards
And blinding lighting and deafening thunder

And he out climbed the unfriendly clouds
But that was about all he could stand
And the endless thick blanket below him
Smothered out sight of reassuring land

And his dream alone fuelled the man on
For his body had become exhausted and weak
And mostly crawling and almost limping
And the man was on the mountain peak

And as if to reward his colossal feat
The clouds cleared their precious keep
And beholding his breathtaking dream
The content man went into endless sleep

And thus a nameless man conquered the top
A triumph lost to the blind eyes of history
This is how the Everest came to be summitted
A thousand years before Norgay and Hillary
-Aditya MJ


There was once this pretty stupid rock that was hanging out in outer space and then was suddenly drawn towards a bigger but equally stupid rock, because of something a guy called Newton happened to notice. When it got really close to this big rock, some weird thing called friction burnt it up; and someone looking at it from that really big rock was left astounded.
The shooting star is the coolest thing that I have ever seen so far. It was like a spark in the sky, and it lasted for like two seconds. Two seconds that I was sure that I was never going to forget. And two seconds that I already almost have. It has too much emotion behind it to express in something as measly a medium as prose, and even poetry seemed inadequate. It needs something like a telepathic mind-meld, for all of its beauty to come out. Till such technology is invented, this is the best I can do. The shooting star did a lot of things to me, and one of them was to make me ask all those questions that we stubbornly ignore because we are utterly unable to find an acceptable answer to them. You know those questions, and many have tried to answer them, but no one not even Buddha or Douglas Adams have entirely succeeded. Questions about everything - creation, life, love, universe, god, destiny, karma and of course, above all else, about being. And I am not the first. To my immense surprise, pleasure, and ever so pleasing amazement, I came across this in a moving article about the Columbia disaster.
When asked about how her Indian identity helped her in her great achievement, Kalpana Chawla replied, “…in summers, while growing up in India, we often slept in the courtyard under the stars. We gazed dreamily at the Milky Way, and once in a while caught some shooting stars. Times like those gave me the opportunity to wonder and ask all those basic questions. The sense of awe for the heavens started there…”
This ‘sense of awe’ for the heavens starts everything. If you haven’t seen a shooting star, then you will not know what this feels like, but believe me, this ‘sense of awe’ is the most damning thing that you will ever feel. Simply because there is this infinite enigma staring at you in the face, but you and all the concentrated energies of the entire mankind (and dogs and chimps) are utterly insufficient to ever even hope to fathom space. And this awe starts off with you asking all the questions. Questions that would never have been asked if the answers existed. There is an explosion of thought in your brain, and you cannot handle it.
First of all, the next time you look at the sky, don’t just see all the stars twinkling out there, which in itself is an amazing sight. What you need to do, is feel our universe, get a sense of its sheer magnitude. Look at yourself, as standing on this really infinitesimal rock we call the earth, and looking out into an infinite space. And then, you will see the universe in perspective, the stars are no longer like a blanket over the world, but they finally seem like really massive balls of flame, gradually blowing up in different portions of the sky. The universe literally explodes into your head. And that’s when the damning awe creeps in.
I stopped writing at that point for almost a week. It really has too much emotion behind it. In this article, I am in a line, expressing the awe. I am not trying to answer any of the questions, but merely asking them again, just to share the basic disturbance that they create to the mind.
The mind is almost as enigmatic as space. Probably more. Humans have been carrying brains around everywhere, and have been carrying a pretty good one for almost eight thousand years, and yet we know almost nothing about it. Let alone its various facets, or what we call a mind, soul, personality, attitude et cetera. We know this much, or we think it from the beginning because the alternative would be a really scary one; we know that we have a life. We know that we are fundamentally different from rocks, or rather that rocks are fundamentally different from us. And this fundamental distinction lies in the fact that rocks certainly don’t have a brain. But… here lies the catch - is a brain necessary to have a mind? Why are we so damn adamant about this, even when we do not know, for absolute surety, what in hell a brain or a mind is? And even where a definite distinction between the two can be drawn? If the mind gives us life, as we claim it to, then what follows is that rocks are non-living and that we are living. This is something that we were taught ever since we were sucking thumbs and trying to eat rocks.
And yet, now on hindsight, all my basic ideas have been staggeringly questioned because a filthy rock that couldn’t manage to stay away from those that were too big for it to handle. Humans, (and as possibly sociozoologists will soon find out, chimps and dogs too) have a clear distinction between living and the non-living. The human opinion is divided on whether or not to concede a mind or to use a stronger word, a soul to these pongid or canine cousins, but any ((supposedly) sane) given human on this planet would definitely not concede a brain to as distant a cousin as say, Mt. Everest, even though really really long back, we all came from the same place. So basically, as we have seen, we humans associate the existence of a mind directly to the existence of a brain. And since Mt. Everest doesn’t appear to move on its own accord, and since it certainly doesn’t have a biological brain, we have no problem whatsoever in believing that Mt. Everest has no soul, and what clearly follows is that any freak of a person who does, indeed think that Mt. Everest is a living entity, is immediately locked up in a safe institution with white doors and padded walls.
You may, also be thinking that I am a fanatic who should have been in an institution myself, and then I seriously do not have a defense. Wonderful things like shooting stars do that to you. However there is no flaw in the argument. If you are wondering about motivated mobility then, I ask you, if it is too fantastic to assume that the brain has a control over a body but a mind has no control over it? Can’t this great mountain just sit there and think and contemplate and feel, and even ask questions on existence?
If you define life, not by the existence of brains, but the ability to beget, then I would ask you to stretch your imagination a bit. We start with humans. Humans are, fundamentally, actually not that different from rocks. We are all made up of mostly the same matter. In what we call evolution, where pieces proteins are preserved generation after generation, and exact copies are made, and the most favorable ones survive. The sum total of man’s existence, or for that matter, any supposedly living species is to beget. To create progeny and carry forward these coded proteins called DNA. If you feel that life is this process of transfer of DNA, then it will be alarming to what we consider a normal sane human being, because the only reason for human existence would be to make as many children as possible. And yet, this is, in many ways, exactly what it is. I’ve said that in as nice a way as I can make it to be. But really, it is like that. Think about all you have every wanted to do or have, love, friends, prestige, money, cars, clothes, intellect, excellence in a field – anything. Absolutely anything. All our motives, our instincts, can be summed up to making ourselves comfortable (so that we can continue to live) and make ourselves (generally) more attractive (so that we can get mates) and then have kids. Dogs and Chimps and humans, are in many ways, just different forms of the same creature, because all of us have DNA.
And just because Mt. Everest does not want to have kids, or that it is not burdened with DNA, does not mean that it doesn’t have a life. In fact, if it had a mind, its life would probably be more meaningful than our own, and most ironically, by our own standards.
And if you define life as a distinct organism, and if you are thinking that Mt. Everest is not wholly distinguishable from the rest of the Himalayas, and I wont waste any energy on trying to prove that tectonic plates are actually giant, minded entities. But I will ask you to think about the universe as one giant, humongous mind. This is a fact: according to physics, gravitation, friction, suns, rocks, and humans, chimps and dogs let alone their respective minds (I won’t say brains) were never supposed to exist! The very basic laws that we have drawn for the world around us, negates its very presence. This is simply because, there is nothing that could have disturbed nothingness into somethingness, there is, nothing could have kick started the universe unless it was outside it, which would make it a part of another universe, and suddenly you are stuck with an infinite chain of universes. Nothing that should have sparked the supposedly primordial egg into the big bang except probably a hypothetical thought. And this thought, can only be from an eternal minded supernatural entity. Something that we call god. Is it again, too fantastic to believe that the entire universe is god fantasizing and dreaming? Could god be just nothingness dreaming about a throbbing life? Are all the suns, the rocks, Mt. Everest, apes, dogs, and humans just the extension of the same being? After all, all these things, indeed have one thing in common. They all have masses, and it is something that is the inherent property of everything we know. Even abstract notions like faith and ideas have mass. Lets not go into the messy details, but it is clearly not too far fetched to believe god to be mass, and everything else to be mass in different forms. In which case, Hi! You are/am me/I! This situation would be such a nightmare to grammar teachers, as I have just realized. In essence, all of us are the same thing. Or even worse, and even more unsettling, merely THOUGHTS of this being called god?
I am, and will always be a firm atheist. Let me make that clear. My reasons for this would probably merit a book, and therefore I waste no energy on that. I have, however spent most of the article into a climax that concludes with a god, but I’m taking all the trouble to merely impress you with the effects of a larger picture. The picture of this absolutely amazing thing called the Universe. You have to admit, that around four thousand odd years of stargazing, all that mankind has found is this upsetting infinity, called the universe, that has no business being there, can be safely considered to be nothing at all. He looked for answers and found more questions. That is why he probably needed to invent god – to explain existence in general and of the universe in particular. The only answer to the universe that man can ever hope to find is god, and like many satisfactory answers, it is totally wrong. Any alternate search is hopelessly futile. There is, and can never be any explanation for the basic existence of the universe. So for someone who doesn’t believe in god, there is no other answer and has no option but to live with a maddeningly scary paradox for the rest of his life.
-Aditya MJ



They say there are no infinites
Except the ones in your head
But then you suddenly realize
That there are no finites instead
And even the sands of aged time
Must fall to lesser dust one day
For when all the stars finally fail
Even the infinites will fade away

And maybe man alone will survive
From his researches on time and space
Or maybe an eternal death will be
The deliverance that he would embrace
For in-between the mountains of ignorance
Are buried the deep valleys of wisdom
And between the two, man is walking
Nowhere to go, and nowhere from

And who says that god will rescue us all
And what if a god isn’t man’s reality
And what if man is rescuing god?
And we men are but god’s fantasy?
Even god may be blinded from the truth
For falsehood seeps in everywhere
And when vortexes throw their shadows
And demons walk the mind’s lair

And even lightning gets smothered out
By the cracks of harmless sanity
And the mind, a lost child, is reared
By the wolves of fate howling silently
And if you’ve read this thing through
Don’t let it burden your intellect
Just write any old CRYPTIC NONSENSE
And suddenly you’re an insightful poet ;)
-Aditya MJ


thats the number on my faber castell marker that cost me twenty bucks and which i have used to label all my cds. Yesterday night, sat and did it for a while. But the smell of the ink gave me a headache. Also wrote the story that i've just loaded. got up early this morning and pretended to sleep till my parents went to work. thought i would study, but i watched television instead, upgraded my story, finally decided upon a normal title for it, i played along with the question, the question to the answer, the answer to the question, the question is the answer, and the question to the answer 42.
But hell, just wrote it anyway.
Am putting up more articles and stories now. Some are withheld because i'm sending them places where it has been said that it should not be published beforehand.
Ah well, hope i get some money now, want to buy a few shirts at some exhibition on nature. Have to find out how to load photos in this shit.