Monday, February 28, 2005

damn man

why does this happen? took two whole bloody days to compelete the a part of straight lines, and just two hours to do the b part man.... this so totally sucks. I still consider two days to be a waste. tommorrow is not to be so, will study vectors atleast. Hopefully will finish it. Anyway, downloaded the kylie minogue song - come into my world, the video. Such a cool one...
Nothing much to blog actually... am totally not studying...
ah welll....

Saturday, February 26, 2005

about chem pracs

chem pracs were OK. I made ONE cancellation in the volumetric, which went by very smoothly. The external put a circle in such a bad way around my answer that it looked like a heart. The g/l that I got was 49.18, while everyone else had got something close to 47. Anyway, what i got was correct. I messed up in the detection of the radicals though. Dumb thing.... fortunately, I was handed the paper back, and I knew where I had messed up. There were a load of cancellations. the salt was so wierd, that i was wondering if it was amorphous or crystelline. Fortunately, I didn't cancel the whole thing out, and managed to get the answer in the end...
Have to gos tudy now - only four days to go for the boards...

Friday, February 25, 2005

chem pracs in two and a half hours

I have studied nothing, even though I don't need to, and do not know who else will ahve - but am still nervous anyway. Watched a bit of shabd yesterday night. Or was it more like today morning? yeah - it was. By the way, turns out I did win the dakshinayanam prize - i got a cert and a nice folder. Must thank the editor if she picked it up for me. I don't remember blogging that. Anyway...
Had two more wierd dreams. Am forgetting what they were now I cried a lot in one... and forget it...
ok bye


Middle of the night right now - just had a very wierd dream involving buying a bigger house, football in the rain and a holi party on the terrace of audumbar. Damn. Will probably watch Shabd fr around an hour now and go back to sleep...

Thursday, February 24, 2005

what the hell

Just spoke to patya. can use that now - wonder why I don't use real names anyway. Porbably to save the trouble of typing them. Anyway, spoke in the sense - chatted. Somewhat concrete plans of going to yeoor after the boards were made today. that's good.
Today, the pracs went MUCH better than I had ever thought they would. Thank god man...
i got potentio...
some guy from delhi I had totally forgotten just Imd me man - that's so cool. Anyway, I got potentiometer - and well... yeah, I managed to do it, and then I got bar pendulum, which I exchanged for sonometer - which I was able to do - so almost full marks.
That's so cool man. Just chatted with the guy again - suddenly went offline though - must have a modem connection.
Anyway, what's wierd is that I am going to college in a very bad way every morning. Took a private company bus to bloody teen hath naka today, thinking it would go to the station. Missed the best bus to mantralaya. Anyway, had to take an auto after that, which cost me fifteen friggin bucks, then brought two french curves which I totally failed to use for the pracs...
yesterday, the whole train going to dadar thing hapenned. wonder what will happen tommorrow. My chem pracs go badly anyway-----so...
will blog throughout the night like yesterday.
go shabd the cd... will go search for the mermaid from chennai now

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The Experts

Nice poem right here. Amateurs built the ark, but the titanic was built by professionals. I am definately NOT going to study today. fifteen minutes to go for tommorrow, and I might just as well get some serious shut eye. Feeling like it anyhow. Will manage to study something tommorrow before college. Hopefull...
anyway, the poem:

The Experts

Give three cheers for experts,
They know a thing or two,
And if we didn't have 'em
Whatever would we do?

They built a ship that couldn't sink;
It sailed across the sea.
Its name was the Titanic
It's gone down in history.

For years and years the experts knew
The Sun went round the Earth
And when Copernicus said: 'Wrong!"
They couldn't hide their mirth

They told Columbus not to sail
Because he might fall off.
They had King Louis bled to death,
Because he'd got a cough.

Lord Kelvin was a scientist -
A really clever guy
Who proved by mathematics
That man would never fly.

And now we've all got nuclear power
So give three mighty cheers -
The experts say it can't go wrong,
Once in ten thousand years!
-Terry Jones

what the hell

thanks to cable net, a blog is never more than five secs away. I download five webshots wapers and ne video every day. Am downloading the southpark movie from ares. Damn.
Will I study today? Not a chance in the world.

bio pracs done

the pracs were pretty easy compared to my level of preperation. I was confidant in the vaiwa, don't yet know the proper sp[elling of that dumb word. thing was good. Was asked the constituents of bile, which I shrugged, then correctly remembered the answer to be bile salts and bile pigments. was then asked where was it made, I muttered the liver. Answered questions about both co-dominance and universal acceptro, AB. those were the questions about urine analysis and blood test. I was initially not able to prick myself to draw out the blood, but later so uch blood came out that I was able to donate some to the girl sitting next to me who was also unable to draw blood. So that went well. The shit at the identification were monocotylydonous endospermic corn seed, then came... umm let me remember corolloid roots, LS of cycas ovule... then plant physiology:aerabic respiration, then... zoology, LS of bone tissue, LS of spinal chord, the axis and classification of cobra. Shit went well, was able to identify and descibe everything properly. SHIT FORGOT TO BUY THE PENS FOR B SIR. Will do it tommorrow for sure...
Anyway, that leaves the mounting, I had axile placentation because I was in the Y batch, which was a piece of cacke. the coverslip would have squashed it if I had pressed it, but I just let it float over a thin film of water. Damn. The external asked me what I understood by placentation. i knew the answer - more or less. she was impressed. Then at mitosis, I showed her anaphase... she asked me why it was anaphas. I told her, and that was it, I could go. That was so cool man - The whole thing is over.
Tommorrow physics. I have definately prepared more, but only hope that I dont get the par pendulum experiment. Don't know how to do that. came home slept, and studied for like half an hour. still - let's see how things turn out. anyway, its a good start. It and bio have gone welll - physics tommorrow. i cannot get less than thirteen, which was what I got when I had studied even less last time - ah well.
Will study now, so bye.
Probably will blog again out of nervousness in the middle of thenight. I am however over the guilt of not studying at all - I will somehow manage it like the tenth, though they tell me that twelfth is nothing like tenth. Atleast i wont be as tense before the results as I was in the tenth. I was thinking that either I would fail or get eighty - I ended up getting 72. I definately want more than that man - really...

So that's it

YEah, finally figured out how to enque downlaods in DAP> Downloading a couple of games today....


its the middle of the night if i type very fast i'll wake amma up and the spacebar is making a racket... 8 hrs to go for my exams... can't eat, can't sleep. damn the nervousness. spoke to the first woman ham of india today - my aunt... then saw a wierd political movie with abhisheik bachan, rani mukherjee, sushmita sen, jackie shroff and another wierd girl. Willhave to find the name of the girl.. and the movie.
anyway, wish me luck...

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

I'm back

To hell with the exams, _ am going to maintain this blog. That's so cool man, 22 days, the longest since I cannot remember when. It's like never before missed a single bloody fucking day, and suddenly it's bloody fucking 24. Just in the mood to swear. Did I type 24? yeah, that's 22, but I am too bored to go back and correct it.
So anyway, tommorrows the bio pracs and I am pretending to be prepared, but I am as usual entering the examination hall withg a wierd kind of pseudo-confidance knowing that I am totally not prepared and relying on half-shaped memories of the syllabus that I have accidentally managed to pick up over the year of gruelling teaching, half of which I did not pay attention to... and ready to blunt - headedy face any consequences of bad marks.
The It pracs were over. I had clent side time and server side time, and also image mapping, both of which are easy shit, but what he hell, I still couldn't get the .asp output, because I had stupidly saved it as a .html file. Some girl whom R was behind last year told me about it while we were waiting for the sir to ask us waiva, and eventually, in his typical irresponsible manner, asked us to go without asking anything. That asshole just wants to trouble us. R had called today. Nicve guy. I was deliberatley suppressing the impuls of calling him many times to see who would call whom first. I think he was also doing the same thing. Somehow the timing of the call suggests so. I am definately going to call him back soon. Inspite of the exam curfew, he will probably be able to recieve my call as I have not called him for over a year. His mom is a nice lady, but a little strict...
anyway, back to the It pracs, came home with N in the train and was moody. Oh yeah, a whole huge fiasco happenned because someone called someone a clown. I was an asshole in the whole thing, but it is sorted out... everyone is still friends... well almost.
anyway, so tommorrow is the bio pracs, and aI am back on my blog. I will blog through the entire board papers man = these twenty two days were spent doing various kinds of timepass, and sleeping off the nerves. DAMN.
So close to the boards, and the leaked papers are VERY tempting. Damn. A friend said that i don't have to py anything, and he will call me and dictate to me the eight marks questions. Damn. Shit.
I still said no.
The other friend is giving it to me for free - excluding the xerox of course. damn shit.
VEry tempting, but fortunately oir unfortunately, my morals are more tempting - atleast at this point of time. Maybe one day before the exams I will go and take them. Maybe.
Let's see.
Anyway, have been making a hoaxer site, because a google on "learn to hoax" turnbs up nada.
Focus stealing is still an issue, and I am going to complain about it. Damn. shit. and this dumb site has STILL not corrected the stats shit. Thats so uncool man. If you guys read tyhis shit - boo to you.
Anyway, that's it for now, mom has finished watering the plants, and she expects me to study, which is what I will probably pretend to do...
will have a lot to put up in the pccult blo0g when I come back. Yeah by the way, I have to walk around half a kilometer for the bus stop fdrom where I catch te bus. The transition zone is being within sight of the bus, but unable to run upto it and catch it. Today, I saw two buses go by while I was in the transition zone. But then I went up to the bus stop and wished like hell that i would get a lift. I smiled as some guy I hardley knew who i had only seen once or twice... and hardly talked to stopped, and asked wehre I wanted to go... so I said station, but he was going somewhere else. So I hopped on and asked him to leave me at the main road. Which he did, and Ic caught a bus with a better frequencyt from there. This was so unnerving. I was just wishing for it, and it happenned.
what the hell, whatever... and shit.