Thursday, March 31, 2005

david blaine recreation

just trying it out. Got this video after many trials. I went through the video carefully, frame yframe to see if the trick shows in any frame. It does, actually but only so very slightly. Good for me.

Time to see if the IT crap really works. Ah well...

The trick itself is pretty simple... look at the fingers to get it. Just draw back a finger as well as the card.

Had to use yahoo briefcase to upload this. damn geocities wont take it...
ah well...

Nimesh's drawings

finally photographed the drawings of this genius who got an A in both elementary as well as Intermediate. Such people are very very rare... this guy really has talent. Actually I should have blogged all of this yesterday. Dumb blogspot, dumb sify. The mor you use computers, the more you are aware of its random weaknesses, and the more frustrated you get, because they aren't logical errors, and you have no idea how to tackle them. the people who build the software dont do their jobs properly...
all computer software is so damn flimsy. I want programs to be concrete, without bugs. Damn. Anyway, the pics:
this is the first bike that he drew in front of me. He did it in like two minutes

Then he drew this. Probably in less time.

and I, managed to draw only this:

and that guy gave me a seven. I am so proud of myself ;)

this he drew today:

he always carries those sketch pens around. Actual sketch pens, with those wierd flattened nibs, not those pinty things that children play around with.

I asked him to draw tanks. He had never tried them before. this is the best he could do yesterday:

Thats about the best I can do anyday. But today, this is what he came up with:


BUT he hs this irritating habit of naming all his creations. Ah well. We just disagree on that point...
Karnavat did not split up today. Thank god. Actually, not just in an offhand remark, seriously, THANK YOU GOD.

yeoor shells

all the times there was an error, the blog actually got blogged, and i just wasted a lot of time deleting the posts I had blogged twice... damn. This blogspot so totally sucks... ah. But I forgive it, because I am expiriencing a spiritual high right now...

This is the actual gate. Just before I came out of yeoor, I picked up the shells of a huge snail that had been burnt by some small fire. Poor thing. Just look at its size. Tool the pic in the customary two views...
Should have kept a scale next to the pieces of shell before photographing it, but the shell was much bigger than my fist...

coke can lantern

Made a lantern today. Used a coke can, but had to spoil one first. The tough part was making a hole in it. The pen knife didn't work well, and as usual I tried to use the hammer and a screwdriver. Didn't work. All I got was a lump of twisted aluminum, then used those pliers that cut wires, and was able to cut through the aluminum, and I ended up making this.
Pretty simple to do, saw it for the first time in some small boat while going to elephanta caves long ago. Wanted to make it ever since, but got a chance only last year when I bought a can and did it in the classroom of the old division E. Did it twice last year. One was crushed because I tied it behind A's back, and he was irritated, the other hangs over my door right now.

It also has a piece of string on top that was stolen from the SIES room on the bottom floor next to the sports room. Today, I made this. Cut the can up properly, into twelve more or less equal parts, did NOT cut myself like the last two times, and added an extra effect by making strips of different colored cellophane paper and putting it in the can. Thought I had put too much, and I wouldn't get any light out. But fortunately, the effect was brilliant, and woohoo... the photo does not show the aura-like projection of the cellophane paper on my wall. Had to disable the flash... but this is nowhere near the real thing. Probably have to take a video of it. Ah well. Got an Idea though, might use a small battery powered fan at the far end, and use little bits of cellophane paper on the inside that flies around. Then the effect would be supercool. But I have to find such a small fan. I remember that my grand aunt has one. It is one of those small toy fans that rotate on a battery. I could possible make one using metal or plastic, but that would be way too much trouble. There is also the problem of mounting it. Ah well... at least its an idea.

unable to capture it as it really is though...

dumb blogspot

some java error is occuring every time I try to blog about what happened today, so I guess I will have to blog many smaller blogs. Damn. there is a LOT to blog today... oh well. Will be blogging for atleast half an hour now, and I have already written everything. Damn.


Meditated using an amazing song by Yanni after eight thirty. Could do it for only ten minutes, but it was fun. Too difficult to blog about that don't know what to say but a lot happened. Yesterday too, tried that time traveling. Was difficult. This should go in the other blog probably. writing this in notepad waiting for 9:00. Listening to all the people in the world right now. Listened to chariots of fire yesterday night. donno If I blogged that. Loads of picture blogs today.... and a video. So I will be blogging through the night. Yeahah...
ok, two predictions for tomorrow. Priety Zinta will be in the news for something that involves an accident/ fake blood/ make-believe accident etc. The hulk will be on television. Ah well. Lesse.
One thing about meditation is that you cannot just snap out of it suddenly... for example keeping an alarm. If you are visualizing and such, snapping out of it suddenly, and coming to the real world actually physically gives you a headache, as well as an eye ache. Damn.


Wrote this just as I came back from classes because I wanted to keep it fresh. As there is so much to blog, I might forget a lot... Came back home sticky from sweat even though i was in Yeoor for a grand total of fifteen minutes.... and then I wrote this text file. so this is from the text file written at around 3:00 today...

Just came back from Karanavat... via yeoor. Went there alone just now, and it has totally changed from the last time I've bin there...
Things that have changed since I've bin there last:
-There’s a pink empty cabin type thing... like a watchman's cabin just at the entrance
-The small row of stones at the entrance has been completely demolished.
-There are signs that a road is being planned there, because the path had demarcations in white powder
-Sanjay Gandhi National park now does not even have a broken badminton racket bolting the door. Now there is nothing.
-Many new paths have opened up, and a lot of vegetation has disappeared.
-there was one straight path to the waterfalls, now there are many

It was really scary. First of all, I didn't remember anything. Everything was differing from the picture in my mind. And It was so scary, especially with the picture of kaal's running tiger taking up a prominent part of my mind. I got into the bus for Yeoor at thane station, after waiting for a long time. The bus you are waiting for always comes late. Murphy's law is the ultimate - If anything can go wrong, it will... The bus showed up eventually, and I brought a seven rupees fifty paisa ticket for the last stop. the bus went in such a roundabout way, that I think it went a bit into mulund also. Around one-fifth of the path of that bus and the one that goes to mulund was the same in any case. Then I remembered all the places on the way to yeoor, like the cabin in the front where you are supposed to purchase a ticket for five bucks that no one does. Then there was the air force base, the rock which was always my pitstop on the way of walking up before they put up the dammed concrete fence around two years ago. Then there was the small lake which has a chalk sign warning you of crocodiles, and where we had stumbled across snake skin long ago, and also where we were duped by two forest officials who stole fifty bucks after claiming that wer were hindering their work and rubbing off the footprints of the animals they were supposed to count. Yeah right... Then the yeoor gaon ka dhabha which was another usual pitstop, and finally the imli ka ped just before the entrance. Got pretty nostalgic. Got down from the bus, and walked all the way to the entrance, after mistaking two gates for the gate, and finally stumbling across it.

Damn. There was no broken half of a badminton racket in sight... so the whole thing was fruitless. Almost. Didn't dare to go any further, because when you are alone in the middle of a forest area, even the wind rustling the leaves sounds hostile, and I donno.

I was scared shit. Must control myself more. Actually, a part of me was scared shit, and another part was like, this is stupid, there is nothing to get scared of... etc.
I was really scared, and went along for a while, intending to do I donno what... and found that everything had changed, and there were many paths, and I stopped right there. That was as far as I went...

Then I went back to the gate, under the intention of taking more photos, and exploring just a bit, as that area was closer to civilisation, and I had to jump just one wall to enter a thing called palash resort. I am your basic scardycat. Damn.
So I took a few pics of the gate, went around and discovered a hole in the wall,

so basically if a panther wants to get out, it can... then entered the park, had a look around, photographed a very weird plant, and now the photo has disappeared. Then came out, went to the small stall that has the best vada-pav in thane, better than even kunj vihar. Sure the vada is small, sure the pav is old, but its something in the chutney. And i was a bit hungry, so ate the tasty but totally unhygienic vada pav. There were hens and cocks around, so it was a bit funny watching their behavior, while dropping little bits of vada pav for them. First this hen showed up, with the feathers sticking out in all directions, and most of her back were without feathers anyway. Wanted to photograph her, but was eating, and din't want to get the camera oily now. So I dropped a piece of the pav, and she hesitantly came up to it, took it quickly and bolted. Donno why this behavior... Eventually all the hens gathered, and the cocks drove them away for the food, and all of them hesitated, and then darted to the food and immediately bolted. Any slight movement would send them scattering. The first hen hung around though, in spite of the cocks. I dropped a bit of the vada by mistake at my feet. This the hen did not take for a full five minutes. Eventually she plucked up the courage, but pulled it off in an extremely clever way. I was sitting on this bench, and the food had dropped right next to my foot. She did not come from front of me, but instead, sneaked up to the food from UNDERNEATH the seat! how cool is that! The only way I found out that the food was gone, was that she bolted off in front of me. She KNEW that I could not see her from above the bench. That is the type of thinking that monkeys are attributed with. Hmmm... animals are cleverer than we think they are. For example, I read this book called the thinking ape, I don't remember the author. Just read a bit of it, and the point was that when a female chimp is grooming a male ape that is not the alpha male, she does it behind a rock, and the other male crouches out of sight. I will try to draw up or find the illustration to show this logic. So the alpha male sees only the female behind the rock and suspects nothing. The clever part in all this, according to the author, is that the female can visualize what the alpha male is seeing, and also think what he will think after seeing it. Hello man! - Chicken can do it too....
That was one amazing relevation. Wanted to take the picture of the chicken, but this old man showed up with a staff and sent them all scattering. GAve him a bit of Thums Up that i was drinking because he complained of the sun. He talked only in Marathi and i couldn't communicate with him properly of what was in the bottle. When he took it, he did it as if he was doing something new, and his hands shook a lot. Waited a long time for the bus there, and then it showed up. Then i went and sat in the bus, and tried to take a picture of the dhabha without anyone knowing... I think the cunductor saw me, and I took this picture of the floow of the bus while saying shit! I ws a real scardycat today. Damn again....

Then managed to take a very blurry picture of the stall from the window of the bus, but I didn't want anybody to see me.

The guy in the turban sitting at the edge is the old man I was talking about...
The conductor and the driver sat at the stall for a while, and the bus driver left the bus running, that fool wasting the state's diesel. Eventually, the bus started, the old man got on too, and we went down pretty fast. Only, a few very small children, were traveling a long way to school. All the way to Vartak Nagar from Yeoor. Poor children. Then I remembered that the village still had a water-pump that had to be manually pushed up and down. Then took a rickshaw that played really loud music... long time since I had heard mungna. came home, and now will blog a load of pics.
There was no split at karnavat today, and I got a zero in one test because i was caught copying, but that's ok, no one really cares anymore. Ah well... went right ahead and copied (helped others) in the very tough English test. Damn. Drank ghanne ka juice in the interval... am doing that everyday now. Everyone plays a game called colo-color, where one guy takes the name of a color and anyone with clothing of that color gets hit. More drawings from the guy who got an A. Will blog everything. And yeah, got a total of four marks in an English test, where I picked out answers at random...
ha ha.
I know the order of blogging everything is so weird. Have to photograph the pics that he had drawn, the pics I have drawn, the mango i got, the shells, and... yeah thats about it. And yeah, the magic trick... havetah do that.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Summer wine

Listening to the corrs and u2 version now. Nice song. but drags a bit too much. Recorded a nice video of a card trick, will blog that tooo....

and it works

and the dumb hello thing works in an MTNL connection! thats just so wierd. anyway, the eagle is at thebottom, the turtle at the top left corner, the pipe is sticking out from the right of the eye.
Clever guy, but needs some help.
heading over to 3d cafe to donwload a few bike meshes. Want to render them and draw them and show off tommorrow. Might as well learn to draw it. Will blog today's and tommorrow's bike pics tommorrow. when the camera is working. Can take pictures of such things only in daylight.
oh yeah, and I think I will take a picture of the sanjay gandhi national park ka gate ka photo tommorrow. IT is closed with the dumb broken half of a badminto racket. The last four times I saw it anyway. But am a bit scared of going there. Going there alone na, that's why...
ah well.
will blog that too tommorrow. Sohave a lot of pics to blog tommorrow. Might use MTNL again with hello. Dumb thing tht it is.

the tatoo Posted by Hello

I am a turtle and an eagle

Cablenet is down, so am online on MTNL, which is a bad connection. some guy called Nimesh, just met him, at Karnavat. Didn't like him at first, but now he is somewhat of a friend. But it may all go tommorrow. The batches are going to be split. The guy came andasked us to write down our names if we wanted to switch batches, so everyone did, and now he is going to choose the batches himself. damn. Anyway, he draws amazingly well, and he got an A in both elementary as well as Intermediate, andI got a C in elementary...
Will blog the pictures of the bike sometime. Mebbe.
Theres this gel-pen tatoo that hemade, which looked like a pretty cool picture, till he interpreted it to me.
apparently, the eye in the center was my eye... he didn't explain that much, the stuff coming out of it were my thoughts, and there was a turtle there which showed that I kept myself in a shell (!) everyone has that impression. Then there was an eagle just getting ready to fly, which showed that my thoughts had still not taken wing yet. Phew! and there was a pipe-sort of thing which he said was my ear.
ah well... I cant sy much because I am pretty much a wierdo too...
But am blogging the tatoo he made on me, using hello to see if it works on mtnl connection. Haha. No progress on the animation, slept a lot todayt and watched a bit of american pie 3.

blogspot is wierd

Blogspot behaves so erratically. My posts show up, even when the action canclled message comes after I post it, some go in as drafts, and picasa blogs pictures even after the whole thing is closed. Dammn. Ah well
Am going to karnavat in twenty mins...

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

The photo

Taken many more, but only this is of the appropriate size.

The egg... probably of a pigeon Posted by Hello

boredom is the mother of invention

thats the answer to the question that wasn't really asked about me building the squirrel powered cycle. Slim browser sucks. Just didn't blog my really long blog so I have to type it all again. Basically had a good time, and friends became friendlier at the classes. Took photos of the presumably abandoned pigeon egg, and will check i out everyday. if it hatches, I absolutely want to capture it on video. Met an old school friend in the bus today. After two years...
Its a nice feeling. one of the few times I have expirienced it. came home and worked on the animation for lack of anything else to do. I should not give up on it, just becoming lazy now. I should just go ahead and compelete it.
So finished the star wars sequence today. came out amazingly well, especially the metallica music. the SFX gelled automatically, I thought I would have trouble with it. Ah well..
will do a google for landmarks now. The world gets farted. Biswa gets indigestion, and theuniverse gets destroyed. Thats payback for losing my watch. My birthday is coming up... mebbe I'll get a new one. Mebbe.


Still haven't gone to British council. Damn. Will do so as soon as possible. Took the photos of what i think is a pigeon egg today.Will blog it, but hello is bound to misbehave. Damn... if only it would work well.
went to karnavat in the morning. They didn't believe we saw Bombay rockers just walking outside cst yesterday. Damn. Apart from that had a very happy day, became greater friends with people and stuff...
Then had nothing for food, but came home and ate a lot. No interesting movies on, so I sat and worked on the animation, and have finished the starwars sequence... good for me
basically the story is that biswa gets indigestion and the universe gets destroyed. My way of paying him back for losing my watch. My birthday is approaching, so mebbe I will get a new one. I donno....
the sequences that are absolutely done for now are:
the earth getting farted
the spaceship getting farted
the starwars fight sequence
various monuments getting farted too

Monday, March 28, 2005

The original article

Jara's imaginary exploits are at

the working of the cycle

forgot two important points...
1) the cycle works on ropes tied to the cans, not due to friction between the cans and the wheels...
2) and the squirrel can steer the cycle using its tail. The tail fits into the black fins at the back, from where it can turn the front wheel.

The cycle was made using:
primary pieces:
-soda cans
-three sticks
-two wheels
-two axles
-one used typewriter reel
-tape [very important]

secendory pieces:
-a rectangular piece of wood for the number plate sort of thing

Will work on ONLY the blueprints of a squirrel powered sub now....

Squirrel cycle pics

I first made a virtual representation of what I wanted to make. It was basically a squirrel powered cycle. Inspired from the fictitios activities of Jara Da Cimrman. A world famous gynecologist who played around with squirrels...
Anyway... instead of making 2d plans in paint like I would have done before bryce, I just drew it up in virtual 3d space...


then used it to build the actual thing.
went down inmy building and searched for sticks, and some aunty in some floor was looking at me suspiciously. Used nails and then reinforced it with duct tape. LAter on, I just went ahead and used the duct tape, without the nails. One thing I changed from the 3d plans was to add another barrel for the squirrel to run on....



Now I have to build one that surely works....

Squirrel cycle

After karnavat this morning, where I was picked cheating, not caught as everyone else was doing it anyway, and sent to sit in a seperate room where we had a better chance of getting away with it, and made a few more half-friends. theres this guy from Karnavat who wanted to come with me to the british council library. PLayed a bit on the train ride. Theres this game called asphalt, and everyone in the class around the mobile wants to play it... we caught a bus to Mittal towers (he asked for Vittal towers and was corrected by the bus driver) The library was closed and they only allowed me to return the books. He was not too disappointed. We ate chinese Shezwan noodles at some restaurant nearby, along with munchow soup. one by two both of them. Then walked back to Station, and got two really great books for 130 bucks, Temple of the stars, and hidden worlds, both occult books.
Then we went to zaveri Bazaar to meet his uncle, and ended up meeting various relatives of his. The stationary from china is really good. Came back and began to work on a squirrel powered cycle, called squirrel-cycle. After I learnt about this Jara fellow yesterday... suceeded. Somewhat. What I learnt that the hammer is THE most important tool anywhere.
And tape comes a close second. May blog the pictures but picassa is misbehaving again. I donno....
listening I'm with you by Avril Lavigne. All of her songs sound the same....

Anti- Jara proof

The yoghurt from sea-water machine:
The site claims that this Jara da Cimrman fellow was able to invent a machine that converted sea water to yoghurt, of all things.

The constituents of sea water are:

Sulfate 0.649
Fluoride 0.001
Potassium 0.38
Bicarbonate 0.14
Sodium 10.556
Strontium 0.013
Bromide 0.065
Magnesium 1.272
Chloride 18.98
Borate` 0.026
Calcium 0.4

All figures are in milligrams per liter

And the constituents of Yoghurt are:

Fat 27200
Cholesterol 56
Sodium 672
Carbohydrates 39400
Protein 7440

For one KG of Yogurt, in milligrams. This can be approximated to one litre of sea water. The only thing common in both sea water and yogurt is sodium. It would take 63.660 liters of sea water just to get the sodium content of Yogurt. Basically, there is no way on earth that such a machine can exist, and the process would be equivalent of converting lead into gold…

The squirrel powered submarine:
The squirrels derived their energy from a single Hazelnut is a grand total of 9 Calories. Supposing squirrels eat as much Hazelnuts as they can stomach, and Squirrels stomachs usually having a capacity of 3 grams, we will allow Jary’s squirrel’s to have a capacity of 5 grams, for both convenience, and allowances for any new species he might have discovered. So that’s a total of 30 calories or 130 kilojoules per squirrel. Supposing, absolutely all the energy consumed by the squirrel is used to propel the submarine, and as 96 squirrels were used, you have a total of 2880 calories at your disposal, or 12480 Kilojoules. Now, even a small sub weight 1700 tonnes that’s equivalent to 1727285 kilograms. Now considering that it was only a five ton submarine, including space for 96 squirrels, Jary, and the yogurt machine (The size would be considerably reduced because of the lack of a proper propelling engine), you still have 5085.25 Kilos of weight to propel on squirrel power.

Using the conventional diesel fuel, to travel at a speed of fifteen knots, it would take 80 gallons an hour, for a similar sized Sub. That works out to1213890 kilocalories or 4822020 Kilojoules per hour. At this rate, the number of squirrels necessary to propel Jary’s Sub would be 37093, not 96. The 12480 Kilojoules obtained from the squirrels, should be obtained every hour, on the hour, for the sub to move forward at a speed of
0.38 knots. Now the diesel powered sub, at 15 knots would move at 27.78 kilometers per hour. The squirrel powered sub, provided it is moving at all, is moving at a rate of 0.61 kilometers per hour. Now to traverse the 16000 kilometers from Hamburg to the Bermuda triangle, would take 24 days or 575.95 hours. The squirrel powered sub would take 1092.89 days, close to 3 years, or 2629.5 hours, as compared to the “days” supposedly taken by Jary to cross the distance.

Consider also, these appeals to common sense:
1) No other scientist was clever enough to invent THIS
2) Jary could have easily helped the squirrels by jumping onto the contraption himself

Now that Jary has reached the Bermuda triangle, in his squirrel powered submarine, there remains the small business of making the hyperspace jump onto the moon.

Ok, wormholes may or may not exist, wormholes are basically a tunnel between two blackholes. So you need a blackhole on the earth, AND a blackhole on the moon, AND a wormhole in between them. Once you have all this, the squirrel powered sub would have ended up on the moon for sure, but the thing is, that in case of such a thing, NASA would have realized this particular peculiarity long ago, before sending people to the moon because:
1) The water sucked up from the blackhole would have gone to the moon, along with various aquatic life. It is unlikely that only the sub travels through this wormhole.
2) Dust from the moon would have traveled to earth. Jara, could have used the same worm-hole to easily come back home.
3) You are talking about a bloody blackhole on the surface of the earth. You would, in that case have no chance to come up with such an insane fabrication, the entire Solar system would have ceased to exist, along with the special large tummied, and high calorific output variety of squirrels of Jara.

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Count Brass

The good lines from Count Brass by Moorcock

"By pretending to search for the truth, by pretending that he was single-minded in that quest, he was able to escape it. For the truth of his situation might have been intolerable to him.
And that was ever the way of Mankind."

describing the pitching of a ship:
"... for this damned ship is inclined to pitch like an unwilling virgin at times."

on dreams and reality

"... And corum, now acting as a mediator himself, said: 'It is all dreaminf, if you like. All Existance.'
Elric made a dismissive gesture which Hawkmoon found a trifle irritating. 'Dream or reality, the expirience amounts to the same, does it not?'
Erekose's smile was soulful, 'quite right.'

"...'Gods and their examples are not needed by those who respect themselves, and, consequently, respect others. Gods are for children, for little, fearful people who would have no responsibility to themselves or their fellows."

"...'Chaos is not wholly evil, surely?' said the child. 'And neither is law wholly good. They are primitive definitions at best - they represent only tempermental preferences in individual men and women. "

"Justice... is the enemy of fear"
[the devil is fear personified in the book]

"...'Gods are but metaphors.' said Orland Fank. 'As metaphors they might be very acceptable - but they should never be allowed to become beings in their own right.' Again he cleared his throat, seemingly embarassed by his next remark, 'The wine of poetry turns to poison when it comes to politics eh?' "

"...It is an art to make simple morality work in a complicated world"

" there anything duller than a reformed cynic?"

Killing time

I wrote this poem suffering from a high degree of boredom in some classroom in the last year. don't remember properly now.... should have blogged it then.

Killing time

Time is such a funny thing, you see
It goes on and on for all eternity
Maybe it is by which the sun rides the day
Or by which all heavy elkements decay
Or yet seimply the evolution of the mind
It will forever be, and forever be undefined

For time is such a confusing mess
There is so much of it, yet so very less
IT exists without end or beginning
Without corroding itself, it corrodes everything
And all the greatest things merely pass it by
It will live on even when entire universes die

And now I am writing this stupid rhyme
I am just bored and want to kill some time
But I can see that it will be
That time will end up killing me

more about today

sustained myself till now on two ravi unde, a glass of milk, a cream biscuit, a glass of mosambi juics, and a plate of pani puri. Will rpobably die at this rate. That's why I am having a good sized meal. Have to blog a poem about time that I wrote, which I have forgotten to blog or forgotten that I have blogged, and the lines I like from Count Brass. Finished reading it. Amazingly clever book...
especially that one huge twist in the middle.

cleaned the room

cleaned my room today. Somewhat. Stuffed everything into a large cardboard box that the new TV came in. doing the remaining tommorrow. But it looks habitable now... Digital camera is functioning too perfectly for me to believe. i thought it would never recover itself after the rains of last year. Yeoor rains to be precise.
Listening to soniye from dhaani by strings right now. Cool song...
Went to Karnavat less than usually late. Almost no one sat for the last perios - GK. Wanted to play burnout again - I have a load of cash now... but Bala was still in class. Turns out he comes to thane for classes. That will work out well if we have to play burnout again.
Mera Bichda yaar - amazing song.... I like strings now....
Almost finished count brass. Really takes you in such complicated circles. Might blog a few sentences that I liked from the book. Have marked them out in a way that it does not spoil the book...
will blog that later. heading over to webshots now

Neil armstrong not the first

At Karnavat, one guy who
seemed to be pretty clever, told me a story of how the first man on the moon was NOT niel armstrong, but this guy - jara da cimran. He told me how he went to the moon using a sub propelled by squirells... and took my silence to mean I believed him...
that idiot. People believe such strangethings - they are questioning if NASA went there in the first place...
and now this:
found it on the ner
First Man on the Moon - Jara da CIMRMAN

The following conversation was recorded on December 14, 1972 and is one of the best kept secrets on the extensive shelves of NASA archives. It was three days after the Lunar Module Challenger landed on the south- east rim of Mare Serenitatis that astronauts Eugene A. Cernan and Harrison H. Schmitt (of Apollo 17 mission) took their last stroll on the Moon and came across strange looking marks on the lunar surface:

CERNAN: Houston, we've got a problem here.
HOUSTON: Go ahead.
CERNAN: There seems to be lots of scratches here...they sure don't look to me like they were made by natural phenomena...
HOUSTON: What exactly are you talking about?
CERNAN: Well, there is this groove here...
SCHMITT: ...and there is one more over here too...and this looks like something really heavy was being dragged along here...
HOUSTON: Couldn't YOU have made those marks?
SCHMITT: Absolutely no way. We were working on the other side of the module all the time.
HOUSTON: Any footprints or anything like it?
CERNAN: Uhmmm, not really. There are only these...sort of sharp marks here.

After few more minutes of puzzled conversation Cernan was given prompt orders to leave and a few weeks later the Apollo program was terminated. Apparently, NASA officials had no interest in unearthing (or should we say unmooning) any further evidence of somebody else's presence on the Moon long before the Apollo mission was even conceived. The question, however, remains. Who made those scratches on the lunar surface? Was it a man or somebody from outer space? How did he/she get there? The answers to all of these questions lie in the following simple fact. The first man on the Moon was neither an American nor a Russian astronaut, but the famous Czech inventor, poet, scientist, skier and gynecologist- amateur Jara da Cimrman who reached the Moon's surface on September 9, 1914 in his home-made squirrel-propelled submarine "Nemovitost".

When Cimrman left Liptakov in the spring of 1914 he was fully focused on breaking up the decrepit Austrio-Hungarian empire whose conservative atmosphere was stifling his genius. At the prospect of the oncoming war conflict, Cimrman decided to subvert the Austrian military might and go to Hamburg where he would construct a submarine with which to destroy, or at least cut, the strength of Austrian naval force.
Cimrman's route to Hamburg was relatively straightforward. From Liptakov he walked a few kilometers when he was overtaken by a horse cart. He asked for a ride and on the same day reached the nearby river Labe. There he used his last money to persuade a small freighter captain to hide him on the lower deck of his boat which carried Czech coal to the sea-port of Hamburg. On his way, which took 5 days, Cimrman studied the sailing charts and also debugged his latest invention, a device whose purpose was to synthetize yogurt out of the minerals and organic matter contained in sea water. He thought that the long and presumably boring submarine trip would be a good time to test it.

Cimrman's life in Hamburg was far from a luxurious one. He lived in an abandoned storage house where he was throwing the submarine together out of materials which he found in the surrounding area or stole from the harbor. Not having any money, Jara felt very hungry and after three days of fasting, decided to take a break and invent the "hamburger", whose recipe he sold to a local fast-food chain for 20 DM. Well, Cimrman wasn't a good businessman (at least not at that time) and he soon realised that, besides food, he would also need a fuel for his submarine and that for 20 DM he couldn't get more than a few pounds of coal which would be hardly enough to get him out of the harbor. Cimrman was sorry that he sold his hamburger recipe so cheaply and briskly invented freiburgers, ludwigsburgers, wartburgers and an ABQ (the predecessor of BBQ), but nobody gave a damn any more. The market was already saturated with hamburgers. Despondent, he roamed through a city park when suddenly the frolicking squirrels reminded him of something.

A few years before when he visited the house of Liptakov gamekeeper Josef Borovicka, he saw a small toy cart propelled by a squirrel running in a drum which was attached to it. The rotation of the drum, caused by the running squirrel was transferred via a system of gears and axles to run the whole cart. Heureka! What cheap power! Over the next two days, Jara spent a lot of time catching squirrels in the city parks. At the end of the second day, the panting Cimrman counted and then, not believing his eyes, re-counted his prey but in both cases the result was 2. That wasn't much if we take into account that during the chase one of the squirrels tripped over a root, sprained its ankle and became unusable for Cimrman's purposes. Jara did not capitulate, however, and came up with one of his best inventions ever: a semi-convertible hydraulic squirrel trap with A/C and power windows. It's no wonder that squirrels went nuts over it. As a matter of fact, wherever Jara placed his trap, the excited animals literally dashed in and usually incurred minor or major head injuries, which later compelled Cimrman to install air bags in it. But on the whole, the contraption worked and the next day Cimrman selected 96 healthiest and fittest squirrels and got ready for the departure.

As we said earlier, his submarine wasn't very spacious and so he left most of his belongings in Hamburg and took with him only the real basics plus one small revolver in the unlikely case of squirrel mutiny. To get an idea of how minimal Cimrman's cargo was, here is a complete list of food he carried with himself: 9 kg of bread, 17 litres of water and 5 kg of hazelnuts. Strictly speaking, we should add his yogurt maker, even though the prudent Cimrman didn't want to count on it too much.

On the eve of his departure Cimrman went to the docks, fed the squirrels and, under the veil of night, christened his submarine with a bottle of mineral water from Karlovy Vary. At first, he wanted to name the submarine "Cimrmanovitost", but then his inborn modesty prevailed and he changed the name to "Nemovitost", paying homage to Jules Verne's legendary captain Nemo. When he returned from the docks he felt homesick a bit and wrote a political pamphlet "From Hamburg against Habsburg" in which he promised his fellow Czechs that he would see to it that the days of foreign oppression in Bohemia were numbered. The pamphlet was sent the morning of the next day and in the evening Cimrman set off, bound for America from where he intended to launch his guerilla war against Austria-Hungary. Some sources also say that he hired another Czech defector Hans Veverka as a squirrel feeder. We will, however, leave this question unanswered.

In the first few days the squirrels were doing fine and Great Britain was soon left behind. After that, however, Cimrman noticed that the speed was slowly dropping and squirrels were showing the first signs of fatigue. To maintain at least some progress, he had to put the squirrels on shifts. Each day only half of them were running, while the other half had a day off. Cimrman was slightly worried about this, because he didn't want to see the hungry rodents loitering around the submarine and getting all kinds of weird ideas. That's why he decided to teach them singing, thus forestalling any wrong activity on their part. He made a little choir out of them and for two days sang old national folksongs in front of them. Squirrels kept quiet. Indeed, thought Cimrman, how foolish to try to make squirrels sing in such a difficult language as Czech. And from then on he taught them only neutral singing phrases such as "la-la-la" or "shoo-bee-doo-bee". Full of new energy and with all the patience he could muster he spent 14 more days in front of his little choir. The squirrels were much less enthusiastic, of course, and most of the time only stared at him or took a little nap if they were lucky enough to get the back seats. After two weeks of tedious practice Cimrman gave up and finished this chapter by a laconic comment in his diary:"The damn squirrels just won't sing!".

His yogurt maker didn't turn out to be a big success either. After 4 days of running it in the sea water it did produce some distantly whitish cream, but Cimrman wasn't quite sure about the result and he fed it first to his favorite squirrel Zrzecka. After she failed to exhibit any life signs for 3 consecutive days, Zrzecka was declared dead and Cimrman put his yogurt-maker on ice. It was no wonder that his mood these days was predominantly dismal. Steadily approaching the shores of America, he only frowned from behind the rudder and the hazelnut rations were cut in half. But his unexpected triumph was just behind the door. Even though physically he was 20 feet below the water surface somewhere near Bermuda Island, the moon was just within his reach. How so?

To understand what happened, we have to make a small excursion into physics. It is known that the space-time continuum in which we all live is not as smooth as scientists always assumed. As a matter of fact, there have been a number of results justifying the existence of so called "wormholes". These can be thought of as some kind of short cuts through the space-time and became a popular means of transportation in sci-fi literature. While most of the wormholes span inter-galactic distances, the existence of shorter wormholes within the Solar system cannot be excluded and, as luck would have it, it was one of the shorter ones that Cimrman dove into during his journey. This wormhole connected the Earth with the Moon and its earthly entrance was in the Bermuda area, where Cimrman, not suspecting anything fishy, happened to be traveling in his submarine.

All of a sudden, on the morning of September 9th, Cimrman was awoken by a series of rather harsh jolts followed by squirrels' whining. At first Cimrman thought that his singing lessons finally bore some fruit, but then he noticed unusual lights outside the submarine. The whole vessel began to shake and rolled from side to side until everything plunged into a big silence and darkness. Cimrman was on the moon, just a few hundred yards from the future landing place of Apollo 17.

At first, Cimrman thought that the squirrels became unsynchronized and he had crash landed on the ocean floor. Indeed, the only thing he could see was a bizarre landscape, a lack of any kind of life and dark horizons - something easily mistaken for the ocean depths. Jara was awed by the majestic serenity of the surroundings and he named his landing site "Mare Serenitatis", "mare" being the latin word for "a sea". (sea for Cimrman, of course :-)

But then he looked up through a small window in the hatch to what he thought would be the ocean surface and there saw the earth, solemnly hovering in space. He pinched himself first, but the Earth was still there. He pinched all of his squirrels, but the Earth didn't move a single bit. Slowly, Cimrman realised the unbelievable reality. It took him 80 days to get from Liptakov to the Moon. Being naturally excited, he forgot to correct his previous mistake and in his log book he still referred to the place as "Mare Serenitatis". Later this mistake became canonized by other lunatics (i.e. scientists interested in the Moon) and all the major plains on the lunar surface were named "mare", even though they had nothing to do with real seas.

Being an avid explorer, Cimrman was looking forward to his first walk on the Moon's surface. He was indeed glad that he had packed his old diving suit made out of his doubly impregnated raincoat. He didn't have any oxygen tanks though, and so as a makeshift, he filled 4 empty beer bottles with the air from the submarine and, after closing them tightly, put them in his bag (for Cimrman's later work on transportation of air see the Appendix). There was one more thing, however, which had to be taken care of before his walk. Cimrman was afraid that his shoes would leave clear shoemarks on the pristine Moon's surface and, since he knew that the Austrian Secret Police had his shoeprints in their archives, he was worried that they might find his whereabouts, which he wanted to keep secret from them at any cost. So for his moon-walking he decided to use improvised stilts, whose sharp marks in the lunar dust later so baffled the Apollo 17 astronaut H. H. Schmitt.

If there were any Martians on the Moon at that time waiting for some earthlings to come in a shiny spaceship and fancy spacesuits, they would certainly be amused by watching Cimrman awkwardly staggering on his stilts around the rusty submarine and every few seconds taking a sip of the air from the 4 beer bottles which he carried in his worn-out bag. Fortunately, there was nobody on the Moon and so Cimrman could perform his scientific experiments with all the due dignity. An interested reader should consult Cimrman's recently discovered paper "Snapping Fingers in the Vacuum" for more details. Last but not least we have to mention that Cimrman used this forced landing to bury the victim of his yogurt experiment, the poor squirrel Zrzecka. Zrzecka thus became the first squirrel on the Moon (in memoriam) and to the best of our knowledge, so far the only one.

During his moon walk Cimrman also noticed a little cave in the moon rock and decided to spend the night there. He dragged the submarine under the overhanging cliff and jumped in just in time before the submarine disappeared in the convolutions of the space-time loops. It turned out that the cave was the lunar entrance of the wormhole, connecting the Moon with the Earth. What happened after that is merely a matter of speculation because there are no conclusive records about Cimrman's further activity. So far the most plausible version claims that Cimrman reached the USA, where he sold specimens of the Moon's rock to the Barnum&Bailey circus and became an entrepreneur. It is ironic that nobody ever believed that those rocks actually came from the Moon and yet they were some of the few genuine things in the Barnum&Bailey's arsenal. Cimrman also allegedly sold his yogurt maker to a street vendor, who subsequently became a big tycoon in the rat poison industry.

The reader may nevertheless ask what happened to Cimrman's discovery. Did anybody after him try to reenter the wormhole between the Earth and the Moon? The answer is yes. Somehow the news about Cimrman's feat leaked out and right after WW2 various American agencies made a good number of efforts to find the door to the Moon in what has become known as the Bermuda Triangle. The history of these search parties is widely known, starting with the famous mystery of flight 19, in which 5 Avenger bombers disappeared in the area, and on to the disappearance of the commercial flight NC-16002 in December 1948 and numerous other instances of the "mysteries in the Bermuda Triangle".
As an example of what kind of phenomena we are talking about, let us remind the reader of the last exchange between the flight 19 and the control tower.

FLIGHT 19: Control tower, this is an emergency. We can't make out where we are.
TOWER: Head due west.
FLIGHT 19: Everything looks wrong. Even the ocean looks strange.
(then there is a puzzled silence and finally)
FLIGHT 19: We are not certain where we looks we are...
(and here the record ends)

There is no doubt that flight 19 reached the Moon. And in all probability so did all of the other ships and planes sent into the area. Unfortunately, none of them ever returned, because Cimrman forgot to disclose how to get back to the Earth. And mankind had to wait til 1969, when the Apollo program found a new and safer (even though a bit longer) route to the Moon. But Cimrman's pioneering work will not be forgotten. After all, he was not only the first man on the Moon, but also the first cimrMAN on the Moon and that brought us such goodies as luna parks, moon pies and a vacuum cleaner.

APPENDIX: After his successful moon walk, Cimrman spent some time on perfecting the techniques of air transport, which he deemed would be of essence in the future. He made a series of experiments in which he showed that the most efficient way to carry air is not in empty bottles (as was the popular belief at that time), but in bottles full of SOMETHING ELSE. The reasoning behind this seeming paradox is the following. Suppose we have two identical bottles A and B. The bottle A is filled only with air (and let's say that its volume is V), while the bottle B is half-filled with water and so the air fills only the volume V/2. Now after we carry both bottles to their destination, we pour the water out and make a new measurement. We will find that the bottle A again contains the volume V of the air, hence we carried 100% of the original amount. In the case of the bottle B we find that it also contains V volumetric units of the air, but since we started off with V/2 we easily see that we have transported 200% of the original amount of the air. Thus Cimrman arrived at his shocking conclusion.
As far as what exactly the filling medium should be, Cimrman was of an opinion that it really didn't matter, but based on his extensive experience in the field he would recommend either crude oil or herbal tea for the best results.

winamp skin

just compeleted this. Did a very stupid thing, did not draw the components sepertely... so will have to redraw this thing again or cut out all the other areas and extract them from here... want to call it base4, although luciferamp would also be a good name. will have to add horns though... I like the way the avs plugs in...

Chat with aashray

crumblingkibbles: hi
Aashray : hi
crumblingkibbles: hi
Aashray : hi
crumblingkibbles: thats all you gonna say?
Aashray : hi
crumblingkibbles: hi
Aashray : thats all you gonna say?
crumblingkibbles: hi
Aashray : lol
crumblingkibbles: hi
Aashray : r u gonna post this as well on ur stupid blog
crumblingkibbles: maybe
crumblingkibbles: hi
crumblingkibbles: you there?
crumblingkibbles: dont say no
Aashray : no
crumblingkibbles: hi
Aashray : ok gtg bye
crumblingkibbles: why?
Aashray : gotto study
crumblingkibbles: shut up
crumblingkibbles: don't study
crumblingkibbles: you are not going to do it anyway
Aashray : ia am
Aashray : bye
crumblingkibbles: no
crumblingkibbles: want a really good blog?
Aashray : ya
crumblingkibbles: as a desperate measure to keep you online?
crumblingkibbles: its my other blog
Aashray :
crumblingkibbles: with all the really good stuff
crumblingkibbles: no not that one
crumblingkibbles: something infinately more interesting
Aashray : wat
Aashray : wat can possibly b more interesting
crumblingkibbles: theres a deathspell in it somewhere
crumblingkibbles: and a poem to satan by someone who won the nobel prize
crumblingkibbles: yeah, there is actually a deathspell in it somewhere
Aashray : ok
crumblingkibbles: and a hex to bring discord and darkness
Aashray : i'll read it later
crumblingkibbles: pretty funny actually
crumblingkibbles: shit...
Aashray : i gtg now
crumblingkibbles: WAIT
crumblingkibbles: there is an EVEN MORE INTERESTING BLOG by someone else
Aashray : i seriously have 2 go man
crumblingkibbles: arrrrrghhhhhhhhhh
Aashray : give it 2mrow
crumblingkibbles: I'll make noises
crumblingkibbles: it has nude photos of carmen electra
Aashray : bye
crumblingkibbles: bye
crumblingkibbles: ok
Aashray : so does
Aashray : bye
crumblingkibbles: arghhhhhhhhh
crumblingkibbles: bye
crumblingkibbles: and by the way
crumblingkibbles: I will not post this conversation on my blog

What to do tonight?

Will post pictures of templates for winamp skins. They are all pretty cool... but it will be a long time before any one of them becomes a reality. Donno whether to work on that now or to work on the animation...
taking too much time this...
and there is karnavat early tommorrow morning. Saved all my blogs on my harddrive. Don't wanna lose them...

Saturday, March 26, 2005

dirty room

Didn't even tell much about holi. There was the usual confusion... everything going everywhere. then had food In audumbar while talking about cricket... came home, took a bath had bad panchavati food again, then went to sleep till six. The plan was to get up and clean the room. I lost a lot of precious render time, because I was too lazy to set up an animation to render before going to sleep. I got up, listened to the who, and the beegees, the idea was to listen to music while cleaning the rooom. i was just about to start when two friends came over. They had the rave unde that my mother had made, watched a bit of andaaz apna apna, which happens to be a funny movie. Went to eden woods, back to chandan... then came here.
ah well...
so my room did not get cleaned, and this is how it looks now. this is still the mess that happenned during exams....

Thank god my digital camera is working again. A valuable resource is added to my animation.


Played holi today morning. Went to Audumbar and was assaulted with ballons and water. Some kid also broke my 65 rupees ka pichkari, in such a way that if you used it, water would come out of the crack and go all over the place. Damn...
Fortunately all the color went off. A few freids have traces, especially on their hands. this is what I looked like after holi...

My digital camera started working again. That's just too amazing. in had stopped working when i had last gone to yeoor in the rains. That was on the same day when some people got trapped there and had to be airlifted. We got out in the morning itself... the river there was overflowing... and we had to be helped across by someone. Then the camera had stopped working, and now it works just fine. Thats a good sign...

Totally stopped using picassa. Will host my own pics in some geocities account. Found out that it IS possible to sign in into messenger using one account, and use another id to go to geocities.

a small part of the scene

Need more RAM. Am wodnering if RAM will decrease the rendering time.
Have begun to read Count Brass, but will probably sleep again is a nice paragraph:
"By pretending to search for the truth, by pretending that he was single-minded in the quest, he was able to escape it. For the truth of his situation might have been intolerable to him.
And that was ever te way of man"
But you kinda lose interest when the hero turns into a woman all of a sudden... there are so many damn twists.

Holi day

Always used to play on those words in school. Don't want to become all pink now. But I have to, might as well enjoy it while I am doing it. Dont want to though. will come home as soon as possible.
Just rendered a huge scene. Its not even half done. Rendred it for four and a half hours. Thats how long I have been sleeping...
will use hello to send a dumb picture here.

Laws of google searches

Not to be taken seriously, but the illustrations are real, you can check it out yourself. Basically, google has a lot of trash in it now, and askjeeves is much better, giving relevent results. Google gives a load of pages without any relvance. But they are all relvent to porn...

1)No matter what you search, you are bound to get porn

illustration: this is what a sarch for "lemonade tycoon recipe" yields. Try it yourself...

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lindsay lohan sexy - lord of the rings desktop patterns ... - 23k - Supplemental Result -
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... 99.9% of the reason I went to the mall to was to see my friends...
bah. this is
great. *squeal*. 6 Lemons. 3 Sugers. 4 ice Cubes. Lemonade Tycoon
Recipe= Win. ... - 10k - Supplemental Result -
Cached - Similar pages

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Online Resources
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In order to show you the most relevant results, we have omitted some
entries very similar to the 15 already displayed.
If you like, you can repeat the search with the omitted results included.

2)screensavers and wallpapers turn up the most porn

3)along with sexy, hot, nude, and more such less civilised words included in the meta tag, also invariably have britney as one of the words used to describe the site. Britney has basically made herself a description for almost every porn site out there.

... hot Britney Spears pussy hentai mpeg, stories adult hardcore sex movies,
Britney Spears videos pissing girls, youngest pussy woman pissing. hot Britney ...
in a search that did not include britney

interesting note:
A search for britney filtering out porn yields 5,980,000 sites. A search filtering the words porn,sex, sexy, nude and pussy yields 4,590,000 sites. A search without filters, for britney yields 16,200,000 sites.

4)any search remotely related to sports will turn up porn pages for Anna Kournikova

5)including the word "free" will increase the concenteration of unrelated porn by 2oo%

6)if you specifically filter out the pages containing

7)Totally innocent searches suddenly make you aware of the number of perverts out there by coming across sites that satisfy fantasies you didn't know anyone could have.

Like if you want the frames where the word sex appears over lion king in the movie, a search for Lion king sex will yield:

watchable adult sex movies indian nudes stars lesbian hardcore ...... free lion king sex galeries nude pictures year old grils stuff adult xxxx ... sex videosefree lion king sex galeries free porno pics downloable full, ... - 28k - Cached - Similar pages

not sure what the "nude pictures year old girls" means. In any which way, it is about the sickest thing I have ever come accross...

8) more than 70% of all pictures you can come accross on the net show bare breasts

9) Once you make the mistake of googling "porn", your pc hangs up because an infinite number of windows opens. then you are really screwed, the homepage changes, the desktop is full of icons you don't need, files get stored in remote corners of the hard disk, a load of bookmarks get added to your favorites list and you go to the world of porn hell

10) All "free" sites take you in circles without actually getting you anywhere....

11) 102% of everything that is advertised as free usually has things like signup charges, or FREE! no pay per download fee, or you ahve to register somewhere else, or you collect points by looking at wierd stuff....
Basically, who are you kidding, its defiately NOT free.
like free music will yield sites promising free music Once you actually get there.

12)you are more likely to find something if you specifically avoid searching it

Friday, March 25, 2005

Extract from the praface...

"...there is a desperate need in modern society forthere is a desperate need in modern society for new ethics and a new understanding of what self-interest and survival really are in a world which becomes increasingly centeralized, inextricably multinational and, ironically hugely dependant on its creative elements."
Thats from the preface of Count Brass by Michael Moorcock... was just reading it...
then he goes on to talk about how we feel that we are all free even though the society is actually controlling us to a large extent...
"...People somehow thought that if everyone felt good, everyone would get good... a simple minded notion that if you made things look right then they would therefore be right. It could be that illusion or style dtyle is an important element in modern society especially as the illusions get more and more realistic and the realities become increasingly illusionary..."
you get the feeling that the book supports chaos as against order, as order leads to decay. I totally agree....

reading this right now Posted by Hello


I'm going to hunt you down and kill you...
thats what Aashray just told when i called him. Playing holi tommorrow. Damn. Even though i don't want to. 11:3o. Looks like I will have to go to Karnavat pink afterall. Damn. Damn. Damn.
Aashray may come online, but he said he couldn't kill me online.

angry friend

went to classes again today. Got some of the scores. were worse than I hoped they would be, but were still pretty good. I am definately the highest in english. Made a load of new friends. Have to send a guy a list of music that I have. Still haven't done that. Working on the animation now...
saw thephotoshop painting of the guy holding the onions. Amazing way they build up from the unerpainting, saw it all in layers.
Came home slept, rendered a lot, read count brass... then went and met Aashray. We walked around, I brought a freemason's handbook that I found for twenty bucks, then had palak paneer with Aashray. Then, while putting sauce on his palak paneer, I put it on his shirt by mistake. HE thought I had done it purposely, he put a little on me, but I got out of the shop before he could think fast enough to put any more on me. He filled his plate with sauce and came after me. I ran, hid behind a huge car, finished eating, then walked back to find him and taunt him. Big mistake, he was really angry. Foundhim, and started running. Ran almost half a kilometer, and lost him somewhere. hid behind a crowd at a bus stop, and made plans to jump into the sewage if he showed up. But he didn't, I caught a bus and went to meet another friend. We tradind dirty SMSes then i went home. Found out that Aashray had come home while I was out.
ah well...

Thursday, March 24, 2005

played burnout today... again

Jemand besagtes babelfish war verrückt. Möglicherweise ist es. Ich mag gerade zum blog in den wierd Sprachen, die diese auf Deutsch ist. Ich denke. Biswa ist.... ein Bastard

You probably got the last line... he lost my watch. Will work on the animation now, after downloading webshots. found out a guy smokes in Karnavat. Had kunj vihar vada pac, and some ghanne ka juice. friends told me they were meeting up at all stars. I went to matunga, and found out that they were eating at central peninsula. Damn. took a taxi there...
and sat for ten minutes...
before heading over to dombivili to play burnout...
and am so going there whenever I can.
Came home, saw Charlies Angels... such an amazingly dumb movie. Especially the massage part...
apart from that nothing much to blog. Oh yeah, babelfish screws up slimbrowser. I want neoplanet back!
and Stats!
dad just came home
nothing else to blog..
and yeah! got a high score of sixteen takedowns in road rage or rampage... some guy was bregging that he had gotten fifteen. One more... not so good But. Trying to download it now. Or will buy uit. want burnout three only, wont settle for anything less...
Any given game gets boring as soon as you actually buy it...


Que o inferno? Isto realiza-se como a sétima vez onde eu estou datilografando este. Eu adicionei o translatiopn do babelfish a meu blog. F4-lo consertando o aropund com a merda chamada tempelete. Quis ver como esta linha mostra acima no português. Biswa é um bastardo. Am muito irritado no babelfish para parafusar meus comp(s) por a nth vez em uma fileira. Ampère-hora bem, cant seja ajudada. Deixa a esperança que não acontece outra vez. Eu estou copí esta merda para assegurar aquele.

Diable ? C'a lieu comme la septième fois où je dactylographie ceci. J'ai ajouté le translatiopn de babelfish à mon blog. L'a fait en bricolant l'aropund avec la merde appelée le tempelete. A voulu voir comment cette ligne apparaît dans le Portugais. Biswa est un bâtard. AM très fâché contre le babelfish pour visser mes élém. pendant la nième fois dans une rangée. Ampèreheure bien, elle pente soit aidée. Laisse l'espoir qu'il ne se produit pas encore. Je copie cette merde pour assurer cela.
ce'st la in francais
I have bad french now.
anyway... use babelfish only in netscape. i shuld remember that....

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

more vril

for the heck of it. One text file. No jhanjhat. Will print it out, along with the worlds biggest secrets, no matter hw much kharcha I get...

found vril

I fouind vril!!!! found a supercool site in the process too... will rpobably restart the occult diaries now...
the site is extensive, but does not have a search feature.
Best thing abot the sites? Tolkein is lsted amongst the sacred texts!
chcked it out - thats only the inspiration... not the actual triology
which makes it cooler... its just what I was looking for...
ah well
I found vril!!!!
will read that now
but the book remains on my wishlist
want it in a non-electronic form. Will probably get it printed...

found vril

finally I found vril. Yesss....
that too online
that too for free
what more can I ask?

wanted to know if a reptile was overshadowing me. Knew the test was looking intently into the mirror. Saw in the mirror, and guess what I saw over me immideately? A reptile! I was shocked for a few seconds, and still am.
It was the poster of the fourth book of harry potter. Harry potter and the goblet of fire.
The dragon was there.
And to compelete the effect - it was the goblet of fire. The universe is something much more than it appears to be. That or some damn amazing coincidences happen.


A stink of a moose with its head stuck up its ass and its horns popping out of its testicles. Because the whole lab was stinking, and we got out successfully. We endured the stink and got out alive. That's how bala just describe biswa...
ha ha ha
I totally agree with him after he lost my watch


Narrowly missed having a re-test today. Friends are probably getting one, they have been asked to go tommorrow. V called A and asked him how it went yesterday.. A said that it went very well, it was the best paper etc. Ten minutes later he calls back and says that his father was next to him, and the paper was the worst one he had ever written. He said that he would get 40. They said IT was a scoring subject. YEah right...
We tried to scare this guy from another division by telling him that questions from geography had come. He said something FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS stealers, those bastards. Anyway he said something like 'accha hua, twelfth ka IT se anhi aa raha hai to achcha hai."
But mine went well. Until the sir showd up, then it went even better...
that's good.

The helix nebula Posted by Hello

IT exams

Done with the IT exams. When I went to college, my friends were talking about the article in the newspapers, something about glitches in the IT papers yesterday. Seems people got the GK paper, and questions from out of syllabus and such. My paper went well, whatever Ididn't know, I found out, and wrote it. and there were a few questions that did not even make sense. But I was said that I would get the marks for those... and I pretty much knew the answer of the remaining ones. Then, when I went on to submit the whole thing, it refused to go. Nothing happenned, the system didn't hang, the net was still on, but still nothing happened. Had to wait for one hour doing nothing after which it finally got submitted automatically because the time got over...
Will probably post the articles too. The board totally sucks. Then went to Karnavat, they gave me the tests and I wasted my time writing only one of them, because then they told me to take it home. Damn. Then went to beta classes, met up with the old sir, told him about the helix nebula, which is one of the most amazing pictures I have ever seen... using picassa to upload it sometime now. Then came home and slept.
Got up, and did a little bit of the animation. Good progress. The star wars sequence is almost done, and will be compeletely done tonight.
Atleast I hope so.
Oh yeah, I had food in alok in the middle, after karnavat, before beta. Had medhu vada. The guy sitting in front of me walked off because no waiter attended him. I went there later, and ordered, and was half way through it when he just went off. then got an mp3 cd. Has the soundtrack of Zeher in it. That is what I wanted...

Listening to some song by the who right now. Woh lamhe sucks. The dj mix version is good...
nah can't find the news on google. Damn. Yeah... helix nebula next...

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

status messages

have only five? thats so wierd... there shouldn't be a limit on yahoo messenger...


is a servent of chaos
is aware of the leopard
is asleep
is meditating, do not disturb
is the supreme overlord of the galaxy

IT exams tommorrow

Went to classes in the morning. Same old. The guy taught us LCM and GCD today, but the questions were so damn tough... in the test. I made mistakes even in the english test. This was the question : Mr A had Mr B ________ him at his house. the options being a) to meet b) meet c) met D) to met. I selected meet, and apparently it is wrong. It should have been met as had is in past tense. damn. Just got an idea though - blogging sites for Jam. Doing it tommorrow. MAILING it tommorrow. Boars finally khatam tommorrow. Not that I was not feeling like it wasn't over anyway....

made a few friends in classes today. Theres a guy who already was in and out of a band. Always wears a band tee. Metallica today. Another guy asked me if I always wear tees with messages. I said more or less yess...
actually nothing much to blog. I am just shit bored and a bit nervous for It tommorrow. Just testing out my html now....
those are the special chars. Ah well... will blog tommorrow morning and thats it. The fight sequence came out pretty well. Am doing another victorious fly past god's message scene today. Probably will take only three hours to render. slept a LOT in the afternoon, again in the evening, so probably will sleep late in the night tonight. So will have a chance to render animations twice. thats good, and rare. ah well...

Monday, March 21, 2005

figured it out

finaly figured out the problem. I type the blog while using hello, so naturally the blogs show up before because the timestamp does not update itself. Useful feature eh? Or, why cant they just put the timestamp of the time of publishing. and stas are still not here. Like bush for president, there should be a Homer for God campaign...

The tubelight/lightsabre shattering scene Posted by Hello


checked out the second hand bookshop. Sitll did not find Vril. cd rws write at only 4x. didn't know that. Still not backed up all the stuff I downloaded during the exams. Actually, three days left before the exams get over. Oh shit, now its just two. Went to classes today. Everything was so damn easy. After classes went to college to check out the IT message board. On the wave back met Biswa, and gave him my defunct watch, misbehaving after chowpatty. He said i looked like a chakka because of the shave. He trashed the watch somewhere in college. Dumb guy. Nothing much to blog apart from that. Did the jedi fight sequence for the animation today. Will have to render it overnight. Pretty easy. animating a mixture of 2d and 3d elements in 3d enviornment is not all that bad looking. Hell, even used frame by frame animation for a lightsabre/tubelight shattering scene. Still works pretty good. I think rendering time can be reduce drastically by choosing a framerate like 11 fps will still make the overall outcome look pretty good. But want to do the thing properly. Hopehello posts properly and does not screw up, shit... it is doing that already. no wait, blog successful... thats good. And rare.
Have no watch now. Will probably dig up an old one and use it.
Ah well... rendiering the sequence throughout the night now. After downloading my daily webshots quota...

Sunday, March 20, 2005

funny idea

hit upon a funny idea. Using a sound search engine to download bird sounds, and playing them loudly on my speaker. Seeing if it will attract anything in the srroundings. Peobably awaken a few birds right now - or scare them with sounds of an eagle. Maybe a cruel thing to do.

trying out crow / owl / eagle right now. Will see how it turns out.
Saw a big white owl twice in the area. Probably the same one, or related ones. Or a pair. I donno.

what the hell

going the geocities way. there should be a program to prevent focus stealing. damn. Hello from picassa totally sucks, and do not reccomend it to anyone...
geocities has THE most goddamn irritating file manager possible. And I lost focus again. Damn.

as compared to


computers are so dumb

the blogspot photo server is so damn dumb. It has a different timing than the blogger server, and the photos appear afterawrds even though I sent them before. Have a very decent reply from some guy at the GMM message board, the shakti kapoor front. Pretty convincing arguments, but I still stand by what I said before. Hope the posts have permanent and not relative urls, or this link will take me somewhere else later ==>

have to post it in three lines, or the display screws up.... still have to blog the starwars scene I made up, probably the top ten music vids, bo will do that tommorrow, and my book wishlist along with covers...

double damn

googled azureamp ended up with some other azure amp. Can probably recunstruct it - it was a pretty basic skin, but it was my first. I had posted it as adimundi. that's derived from ki-adimundi, a jedi knight, anyway will blog it if I find it. Doing a search on sites that backup skins fom, and will see if it is there. the dumb bloggerbot finally uploaded the pics. That's good.

This is what it DOES look like Posted by Hello


the skin is not there on the site. I cannot believe they did that. Damn. The skin was named azure amp, and now am on a quest to find it. 185 people had last downloaded it when I checked. So someone, somewhere on the net has it. And I want it...

this is what it should look like Posted by Hello


will never recover from chowpatty. Bloody when I came home and bathed, and the water from my head went into my mouth, it tasted salty. That's how bad it was. And I had to clean myself in a public toilet. Damn. Wont upload th photos as they don't convey what I wanted them to convey, and picassa is misbehaving again. will have to resort to geocities again I thinkg. Still not found vril though. Will have to index my blog. Probably the images will appear twice over. Will go to and search for my old winamp2 skin, which was the first one I ever made.



Mercury rising

That cuold explain yesterday's bad mood. Feel much better now. Will post a load of pics today. No progeress on the skin front. Sort of gave up after the huge xml failure, but will pick it up after the southpark animation, on which front I progressed quite a bit today. Will also blog the rough script that I have made up. It is a mixture of a load of things actually. Progressed on the starwars scene front today. Made the sp chars for myself. so the pics I have to upload are:
-the skin as it is and as I want it to be
-the pictures of the chowpatty beach if I have got them by the mail
-the starwars scene I made up
Also did up the biswa hogging scene, which came out pretty well. actually, just done the stills, have to animate it now. Am using a lot of different techniques to make the animation, so I bet it won't have a single overall feel. Its very dfficult to make a 3d animation with a mixture of 2d and 3d elements... but am trying anyway. Since this is the forst major animation project, I won't be too disappointed if it does not turn out to be too good...
Shaved for the second time today. It was much tougher this time because I did the nape and the chin as well. Shaving something that has had nine stiches is not very easy. Didn't think of that when I fell on the same thing twice. Slept off the slight bad mood from yesterady. Everything was good today... but didn't study much.
Actually don't think I will blog he rough storyline. Maybe showing the blog to friends who are in the animation...

Mo Cuishle

"Mo chuisle" literally means "My pulse", but can mean "My love" or "My darling". It's a term of endearment taken from the original phrases "A chuisle mo chroí", or "Pulse of my heart". When speaking directly to the person, use "A chuisle". The movie incorrectly spells "Mo chuisle" as "Mo cuishle". Got that from IMDB trivia for million dollar baby. Why is the movie named that way? There should have been integrated photo uploading capabilities, that way the photos would show up in the blog itself. The pics go to a blogspot server. That is so cool. Started to install picass2 and hello is hung up now. What the hell... will upload a few stills. Of both the movies, meet the fockers and million dollar baby. Had a good nights sleep and sletp it all out. Will study for IT properly today. That's all I care about right now...

Saturday, March 19, 2005


Feeling like shit right now. Need a response. Am trying one last time.

Ah well

Am a bit depressed now. what the hell... will study like hell for IT all day tommorrow. Write the last of the Boards properly. That's about it. Don't want to meet anybody on the day of It. Will go and check out the notice board for myself on monday.
Decision taken in extereme depression - but yeah, I don't think I need any friends anymore. will start afresh in college - and will be vary careful and try not to be a total fuck up asshole.


all MOMs suck. Not even one is remotely engaging. Will have to write an article on something else now.
Huge day today, went to karnavat classes for the first time. Nice place, good sirs, but I bet everything is going to be easy. My assignment ws shown to the class on the first day, which I take is a good sign...
saw million dollar baby today. don't know why it should win five oscars. and the truman show did not win even one. What is the point to the entire movie? that crippled people should be killed?
chatting with friends now
more later...


Tom Hanks
Tom Cruise
Tom Felton
Achcha I didn't get the question right... no Indian achap is involved only... all are american actors. So dumb...

finally figured it out

finally published the photos. life is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you gonna get some Indian guy said that, finda a namesake of him who acted in a movie about the american independance day, and another namesake who is a firang but speaks chaste urdu. Thats the aao guess karey of GMM today. Anyway, the quote is from tom Hanks' Forrest Gump.
Yeah, about the photos, picassa is basically crap. You have to first send the photos to bloggerbot, then bloggerbot publishes them, only if you give a caption. And it keeps logging itself off very frequently, dumb thing that it is.
On the bright side, I don't have to use my geocities account for posting pics. Will load the pics of friends as soon as I get them. Another friend has it...
and will blog the answer to the aao guess karey

This is the famous skyline of mumbai. Donno who took the picture... will blog that if I find out. The part protuding out is the governer's residence. i think.  Posted by Hello

chowpatty beach. Why do photos need captions anyway? aren't they kinda supposed to be self - explanatory? Posted by Hello

Some birds. I am entering these dumb captions because I have to, otherwise this bloody thing wont publish. Will find out what there birds are... Posted by Hello