Gamer's Connect #3

So registered for this event randomly, went with a friend. We had a little trouble finding the building on google maps, but then it was right above the area we were standing in, we just had to look up. We spectated a DOTA2 game for some time, while waiting for the event to begin. It was a small but focussed group. Was fun. There was a talk by nVidia. Tech like Shadowplay, Maxwell, some vfx using gameworks were covered. There was something about DSR, dynamic super resolution which apparently renders 4k content on non 4k monitors, though not sure how that works. And then there was a talk by MSI, who had got some gear along for people to check out. There was a presentation. Interesting looking micro ATI card in there, which looked like a gfx card cut in half. Then they gave away a few goodies and delicious sandwiches and coke for everyone.

There was this sign. LOL. 

Oh and I got a mouse just because I was the only game dev in the room. By game dev I mean I made a small game :P

More photos of the event here